Presidency College Admission Test 2010 Syllabus

Presidency College, Kolkata


(The syllabus to the tests would be of Higher Secondary (10+2) or equivalent standard)

BENGALI Substance writing or amplification, short notes on important books and essay writing.
BOTANY Objective and short answer type questions.
CHEMISTRY and BIOCHEMISTRY Objective and short-answer type questions and problems on Chemistry.

Group A: Two comprehension passages and essay writing.

Group B: Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate geometry), Differential and Integral Calculus.

ENGLISH Grammar component, Essay, An unseen poem/verse passage with questions designed to test powers of comprehension and appreciation.
  1. Practical of 10 marks.
  2. Objective and short answer type questions on: Earth and its Environment, Geography of India including Map study, General Science, and Elementary Mathematics (for all).
  3. Physical-, Economic-, Human- and Practical Geography (for Arts students).
  4. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (for Science students without Geography).
GEOLOGY Objective and short answer type questions on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics on the basis of a syllabus notified on the Departmental notice board.
HINDI Essay, literary appreciation, comprehension, expansion in Hindi, grammatical questions.
HISTORY General comprehension, substance, passage writing and comments, multiple-choice/objective questions, dialogue.
MATHEMATICS Multiple choice type and comprehensive type questions on Algebra, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate geometry (2D), Calculus, differential equation, Probability theory and vector algebra.
PHILOSOPHY Objective and conceptual questions, summary and essay writing.
PHYSICS Part I: Objective (multiple choice) question.
Part II: Problems and short questions on Physics.
PHYSIOLOGY Objective and short-answer type questions on Biology (mainly on Human Physiology), basic numerical problems of Physics and Chemistry, Comprehension in English on Physiology of 5/10 marks, elementary mathematics.
POLITICAL SCIENCE Essay (English or Bengali) and Comprehension test (English); basic concepts in Political Science (English or Bengali), recent developments in the World (English or Bengali).
SOCIOLOGY Essay in English or Bengali; concepts on recent social issues (English or Bengali); comprehension test (English) or an English passage; short answer type questions on Indian society and concepts.
STATISTICS Short answer and objective type questions on H.S. Mathematics (excluding Statics and Dynamics) questions on data interpretation to be answered in English.
ZOOLOGY Objective type and short discussion type questions; drawing of labeled diagrams of Zoological features.

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