Punjab JET 2010 Part II Syllabus | Punjab JET 2010 Part II Model Paper | Punjab JET 2010 Part II Sample Questions

Syllabus with examples from Model Test Paper


: 25

The syllabus has been divided into two units namely:

a) Grammar (15)
b) Comprehension (10)
Unit a i.e. grammar will include the following areas:
i. Punctuation (1)
ii. Idioms and Phrases (2)
iii. Determiners (1)
iv. One Word Substitutes (2)
v. Prepositions (2)
vi. Modals (1)
vii. Narration (1)
viii. Voice (1)
ix. Tenses (2)
x. Translation and Re-translation (2)

Reading of a comprehension i.e. unit b trains students to grasp the meaning of the passage. The purpose of the comprehension exercises is to ensure that the given passage has been thoroughly understood. It tests not the understanding of the passage but also the ability of the students to express that they have grasped in their own words.
Two unseen simple passages will be set for this purpose. Ten questions in all will be set out of both the passages.
Note: The figure in the brackets indicate the number of item(s) to be set from the particular topic.

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  1. sahil says:

    I am a jet student and i want to ask you about jet paper that how this paper comes and it is easy or tough.I am very nervous to do this paper please give me some tips to how to give this test so that i get a good rank plz give me some tips
    Thank you

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