Tamil Nadu (Pallikalvi) 10th Class Syllabus

Tamil Nadu 10th Class Examination Syllabus
Approach to Teaching Geography. The syllabus has 12 units. There are 9 units on India and 3 units are allocated for practicals, which are a part of the examination. The approach to studying India is through regional concept. In all lessons on India, the concept of region will be the guiding principle and hence natural and cultural regions are discussed. Natural regions are used in 3 units (II to IV), whereas cultural regions are the frameworks for 6 units (I and V to IX). Practicals are compulsory and students are required to submit their records of work for valuation at the final examination. Teachers need special cartographic skills for teaching the practicals. New ideas on fieldwork and natural resources assessment are introduced in the respective chapters. Units X to XI are a blend of classroom teaching and lab and fieldwork

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Note: Each unit will form the basis of a lesson and the length of the text will be determined by the hours available for teaching the unit. Twelve of the 68 periods available will be used for revision of the subject before the quarterly, half yearly and annual examinations (4 periods each). Practicals are introduced in the syllabus with an intent of introducing cartography, statistics, and fieldwork. All through the year, ten exercises at the rate one to a month of the course may be worked on in the classroom. Exercises do not necessitate a separate lab and any classroom can be doubled as lab, provided tables for drawing are available in the classroom. Exercises must be taught in the classroom and must worked on both at classroom and home.

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