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Hi friends, i had given BEL paper on may-13,2007
in which 150 ques u,ve to do…out of which 30 were of apti &120 technicalapti 9 ( tough as compared to ISRO)
question from analog electronics, digital electronics, network, F & W, signal , Control etc……..

1) in analog question based on zener diode

2) coupling capacitors and bypass capacitors affect

3) 1,8,27,64,125, ……….,…….
which among the following will not come in the series
a.1000, b.729 c.259
4) which of the following game uses bulley c.goalf..

5) a zener diode works on the principle of

6)under the high electric field,in a semiconductor with increasing electric field

7)in an 8085,microprocessor system with memory mapped I/O

8)built-in potential in a p-n jn.-

9)the breakdown voltage of a transitor with its base open is BV(ceo) and that with emitter open BV(cbo) then

10) ques based on half adder

11) based on flip flop

12) block diagram reduction

13) to find max overshoot (2 ques based on it)

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. Venkatesh says:

    Hi i am venkatesh and i need bel previous papers and exam pattern so please send it to my mail id and if not call me to +91 9703457627.

  2. RITESH KUMAR says:

    also want to know the cut off marks in bel exam

  3. mallika srivastava says:

    I want the paper pattern for BEL. I m not getting it from newhere as well as the previous papers of BEL. so please send me te same on my mail if u find it.

  4. shahir says:

    i want paper for google n bel, i will b highly obliged if send me the above papers.

  5. anitha says:

    hi.. i need bel plcement paper plz send me

  6. ram says:

    plz sir
    i want to BEl old previous paper send my id…
    and link send me..

  7. BHARATH says:

    plz send me the BEL previouse papers /call 9032325647

  8. prerna says:

    sir send me syllabus and question paper for BEL PROBATIONARY ENGINEER for computer science..any reference books regarding the Bel 2011 exam for probationary engineer Computer Science pls tell me.also let me know the cut off for the previous years and the marking scheme…

  9. Sri says:

    sir/mam, Please send the syiiabus @ previous yrs question papers.that will be so help for my preperation.

  10. Soumyaranjan Nayak says:

    I am B.Tech Computer Science student.What are the syllabus I will going through during apprentice Training at BEL.
    What about my future career after completing the apprentice training under BEL.

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