Capgemini Placement Paper held on 10th January 2011

Capgemini Placement Paper was held on 10th January, 2011. TICT Rajarhat, Kolkata.

Total selection process divided in three sections:

1. ppt (keep all words in mind, you have to copy some words from here for future pasting)

2. Aptitude test (written) subdivided in 3 parts:
a) Verbal: [a paragraph was there on the topic of advantages and disadvantages of ad-agencies. Four questions were from there. Then some ‘fill in the blanks using some words’. Time was short. After 20 mins they provided next paper:
b) Analytical reasoning: [little bit tough, 15 marks almost]
c) Quantitative analysis: [easy but time consuming, be tactfull]
If your target is to solve the whole paper then your speed would be 1 question/1 minute. So limit your target before starting to solve, otherwise system may hang. Anyways no negative marking, so chill but not relax. Almost 500 students appeared in there 116 were selected for GD.

After sometimes they decided not to take GD so they sent us to different panels. I was in 2nd panel.

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  1. rakesh says:

    i hope these papers are good for know about the pattern

  2. shivansh says:

    my dream is to work in capgemini by self knowledge.

  3. nazeer says:

    i want capgemini recent papers 2011

  4. hitu says:


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