I am Senthil Kumar. I finished my BE in ECE.. I am a 2007 fresher.. I attend CTS company in 15-16/12/2007. I want to say something about written test…

The CTS company conducts
Written test
Technical Interview

Mark verification regarding written test all guys well known about pattern
My suggestion is, in my written i had venn diagram, cube, binary logic code like 1 is represented as & like this 0 is* like this, data sufficency

I done only binary logic, cube, datasufficency, they all are correct,, rest of them I made a flook only… out of twenty five questions you have to correct atleast fifteen. thats the key i think..

Regarding Verbal, I felt some difficulties here, but never think like that because passage reading is very easy dont avoid.. this is my humble request but try at last., jumble sentence is quitely easy go by the given answer..

Then Analytical section every one can do it without any preparation…

just I prepared for two days..

the written test result announced througe mail…

By God grace I cleared written test.. On sunday I had interview in same college. I had very good time with interviewer.. I am basically from ECE., in my point of view you have to clear the written test., thats enough to get place. little bit knowledge in your technical skills and basics of C, C++;

My interview is
int: hello senthilkumar how are you
me: fine sir
int: wher are u from
me: svks
int : its famous for crackers
me :yes sir
int : tell me abt yr self
me: i prepared little bit
int : favouriate sub
me microprocessor
int: wat is interrupt
me: ans
int : diff. b/w. microprocessor and microcontroller
me. ans
int: in C what is the diff. b/w. structure and union
me : i made clear
int : abt yr project
me: i explained with confidence
int : why CTS
me: ans.
int : any history of arrear
me: yes one in engineering mechanics
int : why in one subj
me: answered
int : what s yr strength and weekness
me: strength is young and energetic, self confidence and weekness is poor hand writting
int : wat step u took to avoid yr weekness
me: i explained little bit about diary writing (through this i improve my written skills)
int: why u choose ECE in plus 2
me : explained ..
int: ok senthil i wil select you from this round
me : thank u thanks lot sir

I reached the cloud at that time.. i cant speak a word itself.. after that the company had certificate verification.. i show all my certificates to the merittrac people they said to me … they will intimate with in two days… i am waiting for my final confirmation… dont loose your confidence at any time.. this is my 25th company.. if i am selected means c u all in CTS .. I read regularly placement papers regarding with company from this site..

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