Around 200 students sit for the written test which was conducted at around 10 am in the morning. The eligibility criteria for the student was 60% in 10th, 12th and B.E. The company came mainly for the students belonging to C.S, I.T and electronics students.

Regarding the written test- the paper was damn easy and if a student has good knowledge of English and maths he can easily qualify the wriiten. The test consisted of 4-sections
1. GENERAL ENGLISH (prepositions, fill in the blanks etc) 20 ques in 20 min
2. REASONING (R.S.Agarwal verbal nd non verbal reasoning will b sufficient.) 30 ques in 3o mins
3. APTITUDE (R.S. Agarwal quantitative apti. will do it.)20 oues in 20 mins
4. DATA STRUCTURE, C, C++ (This is total technical nd a person should have good knowledge for this). 20 ques in 30 min

There was no negative marking, no upper cutoff and no lower cutoff. the major factor was time management.

From 200 students 83 cleared the written and i was 1 of them.

Then comes the Technical Interview round. here the person should remain very cool, nervousness can kill u as it was in my case.

They check ur body lang. ur confidence level and more important if they change lang other then english then plz.. dont answer in that lang. u carry ur answers in English only.
The persons who clears the T.I round was given a form to fill up the form for H.R interview. remember 1 thing that t.i and h.r round can go simultaneously so u hav to b well prepared for that mentally.

From 83 students 55 reached the hr round and finaly 39 were selected. I was not selected as i become nervous and gave 1 or 2 wrong answers, so i would request all those who will appear for interview that never become nervous remain cool and keep a smiling face and b confident with ur answers.

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