IBM Placement Paper Held on 30th January 2011

This is to share my experiences with all those who want to attend IBM test. I am Mtech student from CS. IBM came to our college . All branches, MCA and Mtech were allowed. Cut-off was 65%. IBM recrutment process was as follows. It was for two days. First day we had written test next day GD, Tech and HR.

First round:
Written test
Second Round: GD
Third Round: Technical interview
Final Round: HR

Written Test:
Around 200 were attended for test

For us there was online test. Two sections was there. First section number series and second sectin in general apptitude. Each questions have 2.15 mins. We can’t predict the questions because if you answer currectly next questionll be tough if you ans wrongly means next question will be easy with less marks. I in felt number series some one was very tough cant do it in 2.15 mins some are so easy can do in 30 sec. Aptitude I felt it was defficult. Study the R.S Aggarwal its enough.

One thing should be care about timing. Because when I about to click answer it was skiping to next question. I did like this for 2-3 questions. So be care full about timings.

Number series questions
1. 10 50 15 40 20 30 25 20 ..
2. 2 3 4 9 8 27 16 …


1. Which is the biggest among the following 2/8, 0.2, 3/17

2. A man can do the work in 20hrs. a machine can reduce the time by 1/8 of the time taken by man. Then what is the time taken by machine to complete the work

3. A vehicle will start at office at 8.15 it has to reach destination by 9.45. But driver will reach destination 30 mins early then wat is the time taken by driver to reach destination

Sorry friends I am able to remember only these questions. But if you study R.S Aggarwal its more than enough.

Group Discussion:

128 students cleared wrtten test. Next day we had GD. They told us to come at 8.30 (be there on time- 15 mins earlier) they started around 10. So that we had lot of time to get intraduce each other in our team. It is very importent. If we come to know each other in GD will not get scare to talk. They have made 8 panel in each panel there were 16 students were there. In our panel 2 students didnt attend only we were only 14. Finaly at 10 panel person came and gave a topic as ” Should engineers go for foriegn job”. They gave one min to note down and think abt topic. GD round was very nice, they gave equale chance to talk there was no argument nothing. In our team all spoke nicely.

One thing friends you have to initiate the speaking then only we able to notify. be confident speak related to topic.

In our Team only one got rejected remaing 13 got short listed for next round.


GD finished at 10.45. Round 100 student cleared GD. I was waiting for my technical round till 3. Finally they called.

Interview was very nice. If you able to explain your project properly you are in. Actually I had 3 project to explain. My B.E Proj, Mtech project and my internship projetc. I explained it.

He asked about my self.
and OOPS concepts.

And gave series like 10,2,5 ,3,1 and told me to sort. He mentioned you can use any sorting method and also to write code.

Thats all

Techincal 80 students cleared

HR round

It was very cool I was feeling like as if I am talking with my friend.

* Asked about my project?
* Hobbies and my interests?

Finally asked do you know about the package?

Finaly HR came and told me as I selected. I am very happy as i m in ti IBM.

73 students got selected.

All the best guys see you in IBM

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. santosh says:

    when will be the result of SBI exam held on 16JAN 2011?

  2. Raja says:

    Dear Sir,
    I,m 2011 passed out student.I’m B.E graduate in mechanical dept.I’ve very much interest to join in your company.I would like to become one of the pillar of IBM.IS there any vacansies in hardware side.Kindly reply for this.I’m awating for your reply and placement drive.


    i want to know what are the requireents to crack the IBM training paper?

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