Coming to the selection procedure of Infor, there are mainly three rounds.
1).Written Test
2).Technical Interview Round
3).HR Round

Written Test Procedure: It was an Online exam. There were exactly 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes (1 hour). No negative marking. All are multiple choice questions. U can scroll back to any question at any time. Every student got his own different set of questions (the student next to you will not get the same questions as u got).

Written Test mainly comprises of questions on:

I have tried my best to post few questions which I remember.

Wt is the angle between the 2 hands when the time is 8 hours 20 minutes?
Ans. 130 degrees. Formula :( 30*h)-(11/2)*m = 30*8-11/2*20

How many times will the 2 hands (hours and minutes hand) in the clock coincide with one another for every 4 hours?
Ans. Cannot be determined. Becoz he hasn’t mentioned which 4 hours.

There are 32 tennis players, playing single’s tournament. How many games do they have to play for determining the winner?

6x-3y=4 if 2x+y=2 find some value….do not remember the question (but very easy one).

2 questions on probability or Permutation and combinations.

1 question on pipes and cisterns.

1 question on averages.

2 questions on areas (1 was that famous question -when a goat/cow is tied at to a pole, it turns around….find the area it grazed?)

1 question on time and work.

1 question on ages.

1 question on perfect square.

For arithmetic questions go through the important topics in RS Aggarwal (profit and loss; SI and CI; Time and distance/work; Trains; Boats; Areas; clocks; volume and surface areas; areas; pipes; ratio’s; %’s; Permutations and combinations; Averages; Ages).


Logical deductions (very important*****) I got around 6-8 questions on them. Very easy ones.

2 questions on Cubes.

1 question on blood relations (In a family there are exactly 2 grandfathers; 2 fathers; 1 grandson and…find how many members are there in the family?)
3-4 questions on series completion

2 questions on coding decoding

1 question on theme detection.

Verbal: only analogy based questions.

Analogies (very important)….I got around 3 analogies (go through GRE kind of analogy questions)
Carpenter: saw:: Valcano:Lava:: hanger:aeroplane
Ans: Tailor: scissors Ans: Fault: earthquake

Technical: DBMS; C++; Software engineering; Java

DBMS (more no of questions were on DBMS and Java)
SQL stands for? Ans-structured query language
The command used of retrieving no of records from a particular table. Ans- Count(*){aggregate function}
2-3 questions on JOINS(very important)
1 question on groupby/having clause
1 question on “insert” function Ans:into

javap is used for?
1 question on access specifiers( which access specifier is used if u want to access a class in the same program but diff package)….not the exact question
Few questions were based on small programs. (were asked to find the output)

Wt keyword is used if u want to erase the object memory space?
1 delete()
2. Free()
3. both 1 and 2
4…..(I think the answer is using only free())
DNS is used for? Ans- to map the internet IP address with the local systems

2 questions on Software Engineering:

1 question on White box testing
1 question on Waterfall model.(which step does not come into the process of waterfall model? 1. Distribution 2.maintenence 4….)

I found that the last 15 questions were easy to be solved (it mainly contained logical deduction questions. My advice would be don’t miss out the last questions, they are easier then the first 15 questions) Jump to the next question if u feel u will take more than 1 minute to solve a particular question.

They announced the results after 3 days.

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. amrita Bhandari says:


    Amrita Bhandari
    Raghavendra nagar
    Near St. Peters Model School, Nacharam,
    Mobile: 9177623234, 08099594710
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    An MBA in HR & Finance with commitment to professional conduct, and positive attitude who certainly would strive for development of self, team and the organization by being natural, trustworthy, dependable – focused, calm and composed in stressful situations.
    Career Profile
    Organization : SHARE Microfin Limited, Hyderabad, India
    Designation : Executive-H.R
    Period : 14 May 2008 – 31st July 2010.
    Previous Salary-15,000p.m
    Educational details

     Masters Degree in Human Resource Management (MHRM) & from
    G.G.D.U. University Bilaspur (C.G.) Year (2008).

     Graduation (2006) from Guru Ghasidas
    University, Bilaspur (C.G).
     H.S.C. (2003) from (CG. Board) Raipur

     S.S.C. (2001) from (MP Board) Bhopal.
    Computer Skills
    • NIIT-ICSI Diploma
    •Proficiency in standard business application packages like MS Office 2000
    • Working knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) software Tally 7.9 &, & MS-Project and website design.
    Project work
    Organization : Bharat Aluminium Company Limited(BALCO)
    Subject : Performance Appraisal System
    Period : 7th May to 30th June 2007
    Nature of Duties
    Manpower planning & Recruitment:
    • Assessing of Manpower planning and HR recruitment for various department at Head
    Office (Hyderabad) and branch offices located at various parts of the country (India).
    • Screening of resumes and conducting interviews & tests to the candidates through concerned HODs.
    • Preparations of offer letters and appointment orders to the newly joined candidates.
    • Preparation of annual manpower forecasts, maintain vacancy lists, process transfer requests and verifying all forms of manpower movements.
    • Preparation of organization charts in Excel spreadsheets and HR reports related to manpower establishment & strength.
    • Recruitment of manpower at Head office and Branch offices located at various places in India.

    • Correspondence with Branch offices of the organization relating to vacancies and new joiners status.
    Training & Development(HRD):

    • Identifying the area/ subjects where employees of various departments in the organization are lagging behind.
    • Identifying the faculty members to teach the required subjects for employees in the required areas through concerned HODs of the department.
    • Taking feedback form the employee relating to the workshops/training classes and doing necessary follow-up actions.

    Other HR Activities:
    • Assessing the Performance appraisals of the employees working in the organization through concerned HODs.
    • Preparation of unauthorized absenteeism letters, show-cause notices, charge-sheets circulars as and when required.
    • Preparation of Relieving letters service certificates and full & final settlements to the resigned employees and conducting Exit interviews to the resigned employees.
    • Conducting of induction sessions to the newly joined employee in the organization.
    • Preparation of increment letters, promotion letters and transfer orders to the required employees.
    • Devising H.R. Format.
    Personal Details:
    Date of Birth: 20-09- 1986.
    Father’s Name: Pradeep Bhandari
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