You will be given 20 min (20 questions) for aptitude to complete and after that they will provide you Technical test paper for 30 mins (30 questinos).

Negative marking is there 0.25m

They prefer mainly Mechanicals. Presently they are having more demand in product development and analysis.


1. Two cadles of same length but with different thickness.. after wat time both will be of same length. as life of thick candle is 6 hours and of thin is 4 hours.

2. Boat moving up the stream and down the stream.

3. 0.75*0.75…. but answer: 0.825.

4. Infinite series 1+1/1+1/2+1/3.. answer: pi (MATH VALUE)

5. Simple blood relation questions…TWO questions

6. Some changing in words alphabetical sequences.. easy to answer.

7. Some English meanings…

8. Some symbols on cubes and after rotations wat is final symbol u observe..

Technical (resembles GATE standards)
1. Key and torque lever question and answer is 750N
2. Acceleration in rotaing field….
3. Dozers are used to pull are push (BULL DOZERS)
4. Main cause for fog formation…
5. Use of mercury in binary cycle. specific reason.
6. Why donot we use super changer in si engines… becoz of knocking.
7. Sheet metal operation min thickness compressed bfore fracture…. it is t/3.
8. Cavitaion occurs at ….. at high pressure zone as bubbles form at low pressure and blast at high pressure.
9 …..

After test Technical Interview.

In INTERVIEW THEY ASKED ONLY HR in which arear u r interested and reasons. induatrial experiences.
software knowledge on design and analysis and process and product layout softwares..ur strong points..

If you have questions, please ask below

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  1. rohit says:

    hey ravi! this info is really helping. pls try put sum more content on john deere or any other company interview if ya have.

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