1st day :- WRITTEN
Total 35 que. wer their containing 2 sections (20 Apti. + 15 English) with duration 30 min (NEGATIVE MARKING WAS THERE. -0.25 for each wrong answer)

APTI :- It mostly contain percentage, profit & loss, time-work, mixture & alligation, ratio-proportion, time n dist. related que’s.. for ths R.S Agarwal is sufficient…

* ENGLISH :- This section was dame easy…. Phrase replacement sentences wer their.. (i think doing ths section 1st will be worthy).

2nd day :- GD
With me their wer 9 more candidates appearing for GD in my batch. My topic was “Orkut shud. b banned or not”… as the topis was easy.. every one started aloud……few saying tht orkut shud b banned & few saying not 2 b but i was only person who rested on both & gave the reason tht why orkut shud b banned & why not 2 b & ths thing really stated apart me frm the rest..

In GD they look for ur Comm. Skills, ur gesture, team leadership quality & always try to put new pts. Rest of the topices were something lik – India china treat, women empo., who is better manager men or women.

3rd day :- HR + TI

First i had my HR :- All the questions were dynamic for 45 mins.. they can ask u anything. i mean anything. so be prepared for that.

me: Good afternoon sir (with smile).. Bingooo the HR was same…..who took my GD day before..
interviewer: Hv a seat …(my resume was with him wch i gave day before at the time of PPT)
interviewer: Anshul…i think i took ur GD..
me: yes sir

interviewer: wat was ur topic & wht u said
me: sir.. my topic was ‘orkut shud b banned or not. & i stated both.. why it shud b & why not 2 b..

interviewer: why u said both.. r u optimistic
me: No.. i jus stated my pts….b’coz it was a GD & not a debate

interviewer: wats ur agg. in B.E till now
me: sir, 78%
interviewer: very good

interviewer: So, Anshul…how many GF do u hav

me: with a smile i said.. ‘how many’.. i suppose one is enough
interviewer: wht’s her name…wht she do.. where she live…& many more
me: answered

interviewer: Anshul…u knw why i asked u ths GF que.
me: experience
interviewer: (Smiled lik anything)… & said good one

interviewer: whts the full form of HDFC, TCS, LFC
me: answered

interviewer: u hav written tht u hav visited Singapour, Malaysis, Thailand, Srilanka… wch u liked the most & why?
me ansd…….thn he asked few frequent que’s lik

interviewer: so what was the last movie u watched? wht r ur hobbies? family background.. why KPIT. & not any other comp. technical lang. knw…….

interviewer: i hav noticed tht u hav good Comm. skill. any other lang. wch u knw other thn english & hindi

me: yes sir…….French
interviewer: how u will call ruler n glass…in french
interviewer: wch is best place to eat in Indore … other thn 56 (CHAPPAN)
me: sir….Sarafa..

interviewer: Tell me something abt the CEO of the KPIT
me: ansd ….other que…
tell me abt top comp. in India

wch newspaper u read
if u get into KPIT… wch center of KPIT u want 2 go

wht wer the subjects wch u had in ur last sem.

NOTE :- Try 2 involve HR by making environment humorous with ur answers…so tht HR starts taking interest in ur answers & always smile gently in the interview. thts wht i did & finally HR said.

interviewer: Anshul, in future i would lik 2 c u in my department.
me: thts gr8 sir

interviewer: wen i again visit Indore make sure tht u show me Indore
me: sure sir….my pleasure

interviewer: ok Anshul, all the best for ur TI… hope v meet at KPIT
me: thank u sir… (with a sense tht…….yes i got it right)

Then after 10 min. i had my TI :- Generally the interviewer asked all the subjects that we haven’t mentioned in the CV.. so be careful.. I mentioned OOPM & DSA…

interviewer: u hav such a nice aggregate.
interviewer: Introduce ur self ???
me: ansd

where do u c ur-self after 5 yrs. frm now

Wht is OOP’s?? explain it with example
wch lang. do u knw???
whts AIESEC. wch u hav written in ur resume
wht does it do?
whts ur rank in the class??
whts DSA???
why its made in use???

i gave all the answers 2 my best..

interviewer at last: i don’t think i hav 2 ask u much.. ur HR was much impressed with u & thn came the words wch every fresher likes 2 hear… ‘Congratulation u r selected’. I got my confirmation.. though other hav 2 wait till final list at the end of the day was announced..

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