Lcube Innovative Solutions is a Chennai based company. provides 10,000/- for 3 months training period and 16,000/- after training period and 1 lakh rupees have to be paid as security and 2 years bond

Written test contains two sections.

Aptitude 20 questions. Technical 30 questions. no negitive marking.


1: which one of the following is having less value than 1/2
a)2/3 b)5/6 c)28/29 etc..

2. one person spend his half of age in child hood and 1/4 th in studies and 1/3 in marraige his son was born after his dad was died after 4yrs.and so..on (puzzle)

3. in a club there are 2 girls and 4 boys if equal number of girls and boys joined in the club then the ratio will become 3:4. how many menbers are there in club?

4. one question on pipes and cisterns

5..000004*.000009 ?

6. problem on ages.

7. a man can do piece of work in 5 days and another man can do the same work in 7 days. if both do the same work at a time then how many days are required to finish the work?

Almost all problems are from R.S.Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude.

mailny based on C, C++, Java
C: structures, pointers, arrays
JAVA: find the o/p of program etc..
c++: private, public, protected usage in main and subclasses.

ALL THE BEST for those who are preparing for placements. Hope this will help u.

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. N.Prakash says:

    could i please know what the salary is provided for mca freshers in our company.

  2. fahad says:

    Hello friends download placement paper from

  3. kayal says:

    just i want L-cube innovations pvt ltd technical round question paper..

  4. Binu Mohan says:

    Sir,Im doing final B.Tech(I.T) in Jayamatha Engg college,K.K.Dist.Last month i attented off campus at C.S.I institute of tech,thovalai.In that i was selected in i2t round but now i wanna prepare for next technical round on 26th april at ur company….My query is how i should prepare for that round?Which language i wanna focus most?

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