LG Soft came here in our campus for recruitment drive on 9th Jan 2008. Here are some details abt the process…

Brief Description of the process:-
Technical cum Aptitude test.
At least 2 tech interviews.
final HR interview.

No.of students appeared for the written test:-around 125.

The written test was having 45 ques based on ‘C’ and among them some ques were on Data Structures + 15 ques based on general aptitude….

No sectional cut-off and negative marking were there…..Apti was very easy…but ‘C’ was a bit tricky.. At a first glance you would think that this would be the nswer…but if you read it carefully, you will be getting differant answer… ‘C’ questions were based on function pointers, basics etc… You shuld have a firm hand on ‘C’ and Data Structures…

After around 1/2 to 1 hours, result of the tests were announced.. around 45 were shortlisted. Then after that, there were at least 2 rounds of technical interviews… Depending on one’s performance in the 1st round, he/she would be giving 2nd technical round.. I faced three rounds of technical interviews.. The ques were based on C and Data Structures….

Once, you go into HR interview, after clearing all the initial interviews.. You will be selected. In the evening, results were announced. 13 ppl got selected.. I was one of them. The joining is on 21st Jan. If your C basics are very clear, then only you will be able to clear the tech interviews.. In order to get selected you should have sound knowledge of ‘C’

Some ques asked were:-
Rate ur self in C… function to get central node of the linked list.. reversing the linked list.. etc….

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