This is an ONLINE exam.
Exam Total marks : 150 no negative marking.

In Exam there are two sections
1) General Awareness
2) Subjective test.

In First Paper there are 50 multiple choice questions. In out of 50 we have to attempt any 40 questions (40*1=40). And 2 descriptive question.(2*5=10)
Questions on longest, biggest, tallest like all facts.
Ex. In India which state have more population density.
2) Who started muslim league.
Descriptive question are
1) As an ONGC employe how do you conserve energy in plant.
2) How do you conserve energy in India.

In paper two there are 75 multi choice questions. Out of 75 we have to attempt 60 only]
(60*1.5=90marks) And 2 descriptive question.(2*5=10).
In subject also they asked about basics only
Ex. 1) What is the first law of thermodynamics.
2) What is magnetic flux .
3) What is B-E constant.

Any way I wrote well. Now I am working for HPCL (onroll). My dear friends prepare well for the exam.

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. himanshu says:

    i want mechanical paper

  2. jana rambabu says:

    sir i need ongc mechanical engineering previous technical test papers can u send me

  3. Sathish Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need ONGC Geophysics or Physics paper. Kindly reply me.

  4. Manish says:

    I need Old papers of mechanical if u have…
    forward it on

  5. chirag dattani says:

    respected sir,
    i want chemistry paper if u have forward it to my id

  6. sushil takmoge says:

    sir i’m student of mech. engg. and i want model question paper for ongc exam

  7. Rajeev says:

    Sir, I am a student of Computer Science. I want the syllabus and model question paper for ongc entrance exam. I am specially looking for the subjective and objective questions from the technical sections.

    • venkatalshmi B says:

      Hello! This is venkata lakshmi. Which type of metrial best for the post of programming and i want syllabus and model paper for ongc entrance exam.

    • venkata lakshmi B says:

      Hello1 This is venkatalakshmi. Which type of metrial is best for post of programing? I want syllabus and model

  8. chaudhary says:

    sir,i am mca final year student.i want to know the syllabus of ongc entrance exam….

  9. Giri says:

    i want computer science paper for ongc exam

  10. Indu says:

    i need ONGC FInance and accounts paper. Kindly send that on my mail id…

    thank you

    • Dolly says:

      hey have dear have u got the previous question papers for accounts and finance. if yes can u forward to me please

  11. nidhi says:

    dear sir,
    i want ongc previous paper of general awarness and can u plz tell me form which wesite i can collect syllabus of finance, its urgent, please mail me the sample paper

  12. rajesh says:

    i need chemistry model paper.please send to my mail id

  13. balu says:

    Dear sir,
    I want ongc prvious years finanace and accounts question papers..plz sent it to my mail

  14. venkat says:

    Dear friends if anybody have old chemistry and generalawarenss

  15. SURENDRA says:

    please give me old paper pattern

  16. saritaratnaker says:

    pls send ongc sample paper on my id

  17. saritaratnaker says:

    pls send some ongc sample paper on my id

  18. Rinjumoni Gogoi says:

    Can you please send me some mechanical engineering question papers

  19. ADAM says:

    i need previous year mechanical ongc questions…pls forward it to mu mail id..

  20. shaheera says:

    I want programing section sample question paper

    pls reply me soon.

  21. kapana says:


    I need ONGC previous question papers, mine finance (ICWAI).

    Please send to my ID

    Thanks in advance

  22. somesh says:

    i need civil engneer paper…

  23. anupama says:

    pls forward me ongc programming sample papers

  24. Pramod Rawat says:

    hi i want the qustion paper sample use by them.

    Pramod Rawat

  25. srinivasrathore says:

    cse student have any related jobs in ongc

  26. mustekeem khan says:

    sir, i m mechanical engg.i wants syllabus of ongc and if u have previous paper ,kindly send to me.

  27. Rakhee Phukon says:

    i want all placement papers of ongc for electronics branch (BE)and all placement papers of ongc for electronics and telecommunication branch (polytechnic)

  28. ananr sharma says:

    dear frds;
    ongc gt exam 2011 is published hit the target hard paper,ll not be tough at all very basic questions of g.s like battle of panipat where was budha born as you,ve choise to attempt 40 out of 50 questions you can drop any1 gs paper. subjective paper is very smple what matter if descriptive bit essey type on which your selection depends.
    anant sharma

  29. sumith says:

    dear sir,i want previoues yers questions papers for chemistry for ongc gt exam

  30. HIMANSHU says:

    Hello, sir if u could plz mail me istrumentation and controls question paper…..

  31. venkata lakshmi B says:

    sir, i m software engneer(MCA). i applied for the post of programming . I want syllabus paper and model papers.And also, Which material is best.

  32. rambabu says:

    sir i want ongc previous papers plaease send me to my mail –
    sir bhel exam also in the same date what we do there is any scope to change exam dates

  33. paramjeet singh says:

    hello i want to apply for ONGC as graduate trainee. I completed MCA in 2010. Pls send me sample paper for computer science objective and subjective both so that i can prepare well. Thank You.

  34. mridula says:

    i need placement papers of ongc for physicswith electronics.plz send me immediatly.

  35. ongc old papers for chemistry says:

    i want ongc old question papers.please send those papers to my mail as early as possible

  36. ishwar sahu says:

    sir pls sent me ONGC et paper previous paper.pls sir pls….

  37. ishwar sahu says:

    i am mechanical stream pls sent me ongc previous year paper pls sir..

  38. Laxman says:

    hi, i want to old ONGC Geology papers please sent me sir

  39. mandeep says:

    hi anyone can u pls mail me the previous ongc compuer science papers thnx……….

  40. ajay says:

    hi pls mail the previous ongc instrumentation and control paper….

  41. N.K.Rajpoot says:

    pls send ongc sample question for mechanical.

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