The paper consists of 60 technical and 50 GK questions.. out of 60 we have to do 50 and in the GK section we are required to do 40.

The GK section was very easy, every one could tackle. Out of 50.. I was knowing 37. The technical section was bit tough most of the questions were direct and with no numerical application. Almost 30 questions were from Chemical Technology

After a month I got my result and I was declared shortlisted for the interview.

My interview was in Delhi.. My reporting was on 9 am.. first phase was the document verification and after that we were called for two interviews, one was for chemistry post and other one for production. My first interview was for chemistry.. There were 5 members sitting in front of me.. they Literally explode the questions on me.. they asked about laws of heat transfer with equations regarding final year project fision and fusion process with reactions with proper application further

some GK questions and then I was sent to other room for interview of production they asked ::
About me and my family background
about India’s fact and figures
about some conversions like 1 inch=?? cms
1 yard=?? foots
about final year project (its very important)
my willness where to join
my preferences in ONGC

One should please fully ensure in mind that specifically the chemistry and production are not different any thing could be ask.. be prepare for anything like GK like economy like future scenario of oil petrolium, oil fields, oil problems….

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. Mohammed Iqbal says:

    Hello, If any one had previous mechanical papers please send it to my email id: I would be very grateful to them.

  2. kinjalpatel says:

    i want the ec paper for the exam.7also syllabus.

  3. ashketchup says:

    dear sir i’m about to start my ongc preparation.. for that i need ongc syllabus for chemical engineering and sample papers.. kindly help my need sir… thank you

  4. vagdhish says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am vagdhish bhalala . Completed my master degree in indusrial chemistry . already applied for graduate trinee post in ongc . so i want syllabus and preveous year question paper for prepartion .Please send me these related to chemistry & general my mail adderess(

    thanking you sir

  5. krishna says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience sir,r u now in ongc?i have applied for Graduate trainee post this year in please send me your valuable suggestions regarding preparation for the written test and if possible some previous question papers to

  6. deepika says:

    i m ei engg i want to ei papert of ongc

  7. Aashi says:


    I ant the Sample papers for graduate -Trainee – HR ONGC exam 2011]

    Any help regarding the above wil be highly appreciated!!

    Exam is coming nearby……Pls do the needful



  8. Aashi says:


    I want the Sample papers for graduate -Trainee – HR ONGC exam 2011]

    Any help regarding the above wil be highly appreciated!!

    Exam is coming nearby……Pls do the needful



  9. murali says:

    sir please could you tell me how can i get th pevious pabranchpers of ongc fo chemical engineering

  10. ANAS HASHMI says:

    sir, i want the previous years papers of ongc exam of specialization subject – finance & account. if you have plz send on my e-mail id

  11. dipen bhadja says:

    hello sir, i want to crake the ongc exam for that their is one section of general awareness than can u suggest me how many possibilities for general knowledge n curren affirs n give your best experience to give my direction best, i hv compled my b.e. mechanical so plz give me technical paper suggestion also.
    thank you

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