First of all I wanted 2 tell u all the pattern
no of q’s:60
time:60 mins
in 60, 75% was technical n only few were apti n general English

English section had simple synonymns n antonymns (5-6 each) and nearly 10 were from apti
it was so easy
The main chapters 2 conc. on r:-heights n distances,time n work n distance, trains. %s.
thats it
no questions from nonverbal

nw the real struggle starts “TECHNICAL”
it didnot contain any of C q’s.
n the main subjects to b concenterated are: STLD/DLD, CONTROL SYSTEMS, NETWORK THEORY, EDC, LICA, AMPLIFIERS
i remember only few q’s: (these r not in order)

1.which of the following amplifiers have very poor efficiency?
a.class a b.class b c.class c d.class d ckt was given n asked to find the current (apply kcl 2 find it)

3.regarding fibre optic

4.given piv, vm, i/p voltages n asked 2 find out the relationship b/w piv n vm




8.train prblem

9.chain rule problem

10.two port n/w problem

11. which of the following is not a n/w
d. something

12. which of the following is not a type of memory?
a.instuction register
b.instuction stack
c.instuction opcode
d. something

13.regarding control systems

I knew that watever information I have given may not b sufficient but try to learn all the related topics wat all i have given from n that only will cum in da written

I m waiting for my results it will be declared 2day at 7:00 pm. let us c wat happens at last!! I wish u all the best for success 2 cum thru ur way…

If you have questions, please ask below

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