Siemens Information Systems Ltd.(SISL) conducted selection process on March 29th 2008 in SISL, Electronic city, Bangalore. When I searched for some latest questions I was really very much disappointed, bcoz every time I searched for latest questions I got only one set question which was very old. So I would like to tell you my experience and questions i remember in this session.
B.E. and M.C.A students were asked to attend. They have sent call letters separately to everyone.


1. Totally 50 questions were there.
2. Two sections
* Technical 25 questions
* Aptitude 25 questions
3. Duration of the test was 40 min.
4. Negative mark 0.25 for each wrong answers.

Our exam started sharply at 1.30 P.M and sharply and nicely ended at 2.10 P.M. Two batches like 8.00 AM and 1.00 PM batch were conducted.I have appeared in 1.00 PM batch. More than 200 members appeared. But Selected candidates in our batch was only 10.

One question booklet with sequntially printed 50 questions. Some of the questions I remember I would like to tell you, I hope it will definitely help you.

In technical questions they asked only from the following areas.
* Operating Systems.
* Computer Networks.
* C
* C++
that all. No other areas. All the questions were really very very basic questions. You can easily answer.

* Operating Systems

-> Starting 2 to 3 questions were related to Windows NT.
-> Demand paging.
-> Fragmentation.

* Computer Networks
-> Read thoroughly the functions of every layers in OSI model.
-> only two questions related to networks, both of them were related to layers.

* C & C++
-> Very basic C apptitude questions were there.
-> For example,
1. func(int x,int& y)
void main()
int a,b;
a. 1 1 b. 1 2 c. 2 1 d. 2 2

2. What is the operator for stream insertion
a. > b. >> c. < d. << * APPTITUDE QUESTIONS
In Aptitude section, questions on from the following areas were there.
* Profit & Loss
* Number Series
* Missing number
* Blood relations
I can remember some questions related to every chapters.There may be some mistakes in this questions>But i am giving these questions only to give you the model.

* Profit & Loss

A man has Rs.2000 with him. He would like to lend this money for interest. He divided that amount in two part and lend. One part for the interest of 5% and rest for 2% interest. At the end of one year he get totally Rs.92. What will be the biggest amount he had divided the initial amount Rs.2000?

This kind of questions found range from 2 to 4.

* Missing Number
This kind of questions were really very very easy to answer.
For example,
1. 3 : 16 :: 7 : ?
Ans: 64
(3 * (3+2))+1 = 16
(7 * (7+2))+1 = 64
Nearly more than 10 questions were related absolutely in this section.

* Number Series
Nearly 2 to 3 questions were asked
3 , 8 , 15 , ? , 35

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