Written Test :
1. English
2. Analytical
3. Mathematical ability
4. Technical (Totally Electronics)

If u r good at English then English is no problem 4 u. Just they concentrated on articles, prepositions, synonyms (context based) and 2 passages.

Analytical part consisted of Data sufficiency, Venn diagrams (very imp), cubes (very imp), blood relations, small puzzle type questions. Unless u hav sufficient prep u cannot write this section. Prep venn diag & cubes, u will definitely get thru.

The 3rd section is totally IQ based questions like comparisons, arithmetic calculations and finally 2 case studies based on which the questions are framed. For case studies dont think on ur own and give ur own answers, what ever is there in the description go thru it and if even a single condition is not satisfied u must mark none of the above (as required).

The Technical test is totally Electronics based. No C, C++ (bla bla bla). No IT. This is an Electronics based company, so be prepared with all the electronics subjects. They concentrated mostly on LDIC, Micro-Processors, Digital & Analog, Networks (1 question to find current) etc.

There is the end for written test. Out of 1000 plus people only 139 got short listed and the interviews were conducted the next day.

Tech Interview :
I believe interview is only to know abt oneself. If u hav good communication skills and good grip on the subject u will definetely get thru.

Here they concentrated mainly on Micro-processors (Pin diagram, Block diagram, flag registers, Memory interfacing), Op-Amps (defn, clippers, Inverting & Non Inverting derivations, applications), C & C++ (very rare), Compiler, Interpreter and some puzzles like find the angle b/w the min hand and hr hand if it is 5’o clock etc.

HR was simple and they tested on questions like :
What r ur career objectives ?
What improvement needs?
Do u hav any company at hand?

If u clear the HR round u will be given the form. U need to fill in a lot of information (it takes nearly 40 min to fill the form). Thats it. There is the end of selection process. Only around 42 people out of 139 short listed got selected. All the best friends, hav good preparation and crack it.

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