Tech Mahindra Placement Paper 7th and 8th Jan 2010

Hi friends this is Bishwadip Chatterji from G.H. Raisoni College Of Engg. , Nagpur from Electronics branch. Tech Mahindra came to our college on 7th and 8th Jan 2010.

The statistics of selection was – Appeared- 240 Aptitude Cleared- 57 FFinal Selection – 39

The test consisted of 3 parts- aptitude test, technical interview and HR interview.

Aptitude Test – The paper was not very tough but the main matter was time. In 60 mins 100 questions were to be solved. Moreover there was sectional cut off. We were told there was no negative marking. The test paper consisted of 6 sections.

Logical reasoning verbal – 14
Logical reasoning non verbal – 14
Mathematical abilities – 12
English I – 20
English II – 20
English III – 20

I would suggest anyone to start wid d English section first. The first 2 sections consist of antonym synonym and fill in the blanks. The third section consists of comprehension passages and is bit tough. So you can go for the maths section after these two sections. In maths most of d questions were from SI and CI. There were questions from time and work and clocks. Preparation from R.S Aggarwal is enough. In the reasoning sections more questions were from blood relations and series.

After the apti the results were after 1 hour. 57 students were short listed for the interviews the next day.
Technical interview – the interviewer was very friendly. Firstly he asked me where I was from and looking at d mark sheets he started asking questions

How can u measure power
What is a t flip flop
What is instrumentation
Then he asked me what would u do in a software company
I told I know the hardware parts and also have a knowledge of programming. I have studied c and c++.
Then he started asking questions from c
What is a pointer
What is the size of int
Which library function consists fact
Then he asked can u write programs
I told I can but I don’t remember all d instructions
He asked me algo for swap, sort, concatenate and concatenate without function

I was able to answer most of d questions. Sometimes he checks ur confidence also. But never be nervous and always keep a smiling face. What u know tell confidently.

HR round – this round is a mere formality. 5 students were taken interview at a time and were asked to speak on a common topic( sort of GD). We spoke for about half an hour. After that we were told to wait for the results.

After about 2 hours a person from techM came wid a list in d conference hall. He read out d list. I was in it. Most of d students cleared d HR round.

All The Best

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