WIPRO – 19 JAN 2008

WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES came for recruitment process in our college on 19th Jan 2008. The process was to be conducted on three parts i.e.

Written had three sections:-
2-Analytical and

There was sectional cutt off but no neg marking. it consist of 50 questions (15 verbl, 15analyst, 20 tech) in 60 mins..

Verbal section was easy and consist of spellathon, active-passive, direct-indirect speech. etc
Analytical consist questions frm RS AGGARWAL (time distance, percentage, train, profit-loss) and some questions were on reasoning…

Technical was somewat tough (frm C skills), satellite comm… etc

As I given written, i was sure to clear my written and result declared nearly after 2 hrs and 188 students were selected out of 485 students…

In technical interview, the interviewer asked me basically on C lang and data structures as i mentioned them in my cv…. he asked stack, application on stack, program of reversing the string without using stack which i already knew well bt he asked me the program of swapping using bitwise operator which I dont knew…….then he asked me abt project and wat i feel is difficult during making a project… at last he asked whether i have any queries… I asked the same question he asked 2 me, tat is, of bitwise operator. I was much confident.. after tat he gave me HR form and I thanked him.

The third round was HR INTERVIEW.. the HR already had my written test and tehnical interview’s comment. he asked me my name and my introduction… then he said me tat the strength tat i had written in my cv are why my strength.. i answered all… tat’s all

After waitin 3-4 hrs the result declared at nearly 1 a.m. and out of 55 people 41 students selected in HR and I was 1 of them.


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