How to create an effective resume which is highly important for freshers

Best ways for creating a Resume/CV

A perfect resume is simple in words and easy to communicate of your professional life. Resume can be started with your name, mobile number and email address on the top hand right hand corner of the page. Resume is the perfect and prompt way that what you have achieved up-till now and how you are fruitful to the Organization for the post you are applying for. Resume must be complete in all respect any discrepancy will lead to rejection of job application.

1) Ideally a resume should be descriptive it all depends upon the position you are applying for and in which company. After Name, mobile number and email address it should have a career objective which highlights your goals for which you are working and how are you going to achieve it. Resume adds to your profession either it can build it or break it. After all your future is ahead of you.

2) After that you should write your professional experience starting from the earliest to the last. It should mention the companies name, designation held, Place of work, and team size if its applicable. You should now mention the roles and duties which you were assigned in the company. And if any specific achievements are there then do mention them. Your experience will give a brief picture about your career and ways to groom your career. This shows your seriousness towards career. In experience you can also mention your duration of work i.e. from how long you are working in the organization.

3) Skills are also needed in the resume like you have mastered in word, excel and Power-point so mention them in the resume. The skill you mention in the resume will differentiate you from others if you have proper and reliable skill set for a company. You must also mention your core values you are good at like you are loyal, honest, and punctual towards the work.

4) After skill set you need to mention your academics qualification starting from the earliest to the last. In that you have to mention your Degree you have achieved, and in which year you have passed it with percentage of marks you qualified. In addition to it you can also mention any specific certification you have done which enhance your skill for this job.

5) After skill set you can highlight the projects in the organization you have worked with to achieve professional growth and attain good position in the company. Company also like to see apart from regular job what hobbies do you posses which help you in retaining a career growth. Broadly speaking you should mention that I like to play Cricket, Badminton,Football or Basketball which suggests that the person is a team player has a value of himself. The person is self-motivated and easily adaptable for new skills required.

6) You must also mention you personal details like your choice of working location, Current CTC, Expected CTC, Your personal address for communication. You must also add Pancard details and also mention some of your references from previous organization. You are also required to mention your marital status as it is vital important information to share with the company.

All the above details must be precise and understanding in nature which interviewer must be ready to walk through it in smooth way.

I) Resume writing is an art which one has to practice and master it. I think all said and done it is obvious on how you perform in the main interview. While answering in the interview also you must give prompt answer and do not forge any event for time being. Professional are those people who groom themselves with personal guidance and are soft spoken . You must also mention the awards and achievement which you have recently got.

II) You must mention do your SWOT analysis that is Strength, Weakness , Opportunities and Threat of yourself. And prepare yourself before entering the interview room. Your resume is reflection of yourself therefore extreme care must be taken in order to achieve it .

Thus to sum up these guidelines will guide you to write a professional resume and find a job of your choice. Your professionalism is your choice either you make it or break it. These useful tips must provide you an edge to crack the interview and land up in a good job.

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