Software Developer Resume Tips | Resume Tips For Software Engineer

The Following Seven Tips For Software Developer/Engineer Resume Preparation Tips

1. The first page of the resume is like the cover of a book. An ugly cover will lose a lot of potential readers. Make the first page of the resume highlight all of the successes you have had.
2. “Objectives” paragraphs are useless. Some recruiters love an objective to open the resume. The hiring managers disagreed as they were more concerned about the experience that you have had.
3. Communication preferences are very important. Most resumes have your name, address, home phone number, cell phone number, and email address at the top of the page. How should the company contact you if they want to invite you for an interview? You definitely do not want to miss that call.
4. In your experience, talk about what you did and what tools you use. I have missed this one at times, as I will include other technologies that were used on the project. Assume you will be asked about any technology that is listed in your project descriptions.
5. Do not get fancy with the resume. Format the text simply, in a very legible font without a lot of decoration. If you are a software developer, the interviewer expects your resume to be a little dry. Do not try to be a designer with your resume if you are not a professional designer.
6. Include an interests or hobbies section. In a few interviews, I was asked about what I do outside of work. The idea is that they want to know that you are a person and not a drone. Interests outside of work can also show that you are passionate about things, not just work but maybe other things as well.
7. Obviously, do not lie about anything. If you lie on the resume, you are setting yourself up for failure. Also, during the interview you will likely be asked about the section that you lied about. You will be found out eventually and you will be fired.

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