Breakdown of the SAT

Breakdown of the SAT





Time Allotted

70 Minutes

70 Minutes

60 Minutes


Two 25-minute and One 20-minute

Two 25-minute and One 20-minute

One 25-minute (essay) and One 35-minute


Multiple Choice and “Grid-In” Answers

Sentence Completions,  Questions to show comprehension of reading
material (short and long passages)

Essay and Multiple Choice to show your writing


Content includes Algebra II. Be prepared to bring a
functioning calculator to the testing.

This section is designed to test your ability to
critically read and relate the content provided.  This may include compare and contrasting
passages and pulling out significant information for example.

Along with writing ability, grammar and its usage
will also be tested in the form of sentence structure and paragraph related
questions. The essay is graded on a six-point scale.

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