1. sourin mukherjee says:

    please send me snap & jmet previous year paper…!!!

  2. pamee says:

    please send me snap papers

  3. Pradeep says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Kindly send me previous SNAP papers if you have some.
    Mail ID: mamilla1355@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance

  4. ruchi prabha shree says:

    i just wanted to know is there sectional cut off in SNAP paper

  5. meenu says:

    plz send me previous yr snap paper

  6. Mahesh says:

    please send the papers so that we can have a better idea how to prepare for the exam

  7. kaushal kumar says:

    plz send me previous snap paper.

  8. abhi says:

    plse give me the snap question papers atleas of 4 years

  9. madhumohan says:

    kindly send me few previous years snap nd jmet papers

  10. shreya ahuja says:

    i want snap last year papers

  11. anubawu says:

    pleas send me snap questions of last 3 yrs .

  12. Pragyanatosh says:

    Please send me SNAP & XAT previous 3 years papers

  13. Rohit Jadhav says:

    please send me SNAP previous years papers on ruj_jad@rediffmail.com.tc

  14. parmesh says:

    kindly any one can please send me the snap papers

  15. Jyoti says:

    If ne1 can mail me previous year papers of SNAP.
    thanx in advance.

  16. plz send me snap last 4 year papers says:

    i ll b greatful

  17. astha says:

    please send me snap previous years exam papers…!

  18. PRAVIN ADMANE says:

    Send me snap previous papers as early as possible

  19. p kaliraj says:

    previous year question paper of svu 3 years LL.B exams

  20. AKANKSHA says:

    please send me snap prev yrs question papers as soon as possible.thnx in advance.

  21. Ankita says:

    pls send me previous yr’s snap papers.

  22. sweety jain says:

    pls send me previous yr’s snap papers wid solutions

  23. Piyush chandan says:

    plz snd me previous yr snap papers

  24. Devina says:

    Please can anyone give me prev year’s SNPA question paper

  25. Devina says:

    Please can any one give me PREV YERA’s SNAP question papers

  26. Arpit says:

    pls send me the previous yrs question papers ..

  27. vikram says:

    plz send me the previous paper cuz examz r hanging on my head

  28. prathibha chamala says:

    please send me SNAP previous years and general awareness material so that we can get well prepared for the SNAP

  29. Vinayak says:

    Hello, Pl send me snap papers…Really required frnds

  30. ash says:

    Coud someone please mail me previous years SNAP , XAT and NMAT question papers.. the more the better..

  31. swati says:

    m really in need of snap old test papers..other than 2006, 2007, 2008 nt getting any years..plz mail me if u have

  32. abhay says:

    piz send me last 5 yrs snap question paper

  33. rajeh says:

    plz send me the previous yr papers a

  34. Sharath says:

    plss send me previous yrs question papers….thnx in advance

  35. vikas chanchal says:

    send to me previous yers papers

  36. pawan kumar says:


  37. ayush garg says:

    pls send previous year xam papers…. pls!!!!

  38. Merlyn says:

    If u get any SNAP question papers plz forward me.

  39. Amrita Mallajosyula says:

    hallo….plzz can u send me MICAT , GMAT , N SNAP old question papers!! plzz i’d be really thankful to you!!……i need dem badly!


  40. Nitesh says:

    i need SNAP Exam form immediately,plz send it.

  41. ritesh says:

    plz send me last years snap papers with solution

  42. ritesh mulchandani says:

    plz send me last years papers with solution

  43. mangal channawar says:

    Hello sir……….can you send me the question papers of at least 5 year
    please………. send me.

  44. isha says:

    hi, everyone
    plz send me some previous year snap papers if u have
    i’ll b greatful 2 u.

  45. swetha says:

    pls send me the SNAP Exam papers to mail id.

  46. "MoHaK Jain" says:

    Hey guys dere is no site or page whom has posted the previous years snap papers but you can try to buy 10 year’s SnaP from Internet or any Book Store…some of the book sellers are selling them..so try there instead of here..BEst Of Luck For your exams..!!

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