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SNAP 2009 Exam General Engilsh Questions With Answers

71. She is a close friend of ______
(a) my (b) I (c) me (d) mine
Ans. (d)
72. He took care of her ________ she was resorted to health
(a) when (b) before (c) after (d) till
Ans. (d)
73. The man _________ his appearanc completely since then.
(a) in changing (b) changed (c) has changed (d) is changed
Ans. (c)
74. From the option below, choose the word with the incorrect spelling:
(a) Diarrhea (b) Diaper (c) Dichotomy (d) Dias
Ans. (d)
75. Choose the word spelt correclty:
(a) superintedent (b) seive (c) alloted (d) dissipate
Ans. (d)
Direciton for q. 76 to 79
76. He lives ________ Bangaluru _________ 115, Richmond Road.
(a) at, in (b) in, at (c) at, on (d) in, on
Ans. (b)
77. ‘Aurually challenged’ is a __________ for the _______
(a) metaphor, blind (b) euphemism, deaf
(c) smile, disabled (d) synonym dumb
Ans. (b)
78. If errors is a ________ fault is ________
(a) defect – a mistake (b) mistake – a defect
c) slip – an inaccuracy (d) blunder – to blame
Ans. (b)
79. The man has ________ the rules of eithcal conduct, he is _________ a beast
(a) flaunted – literally (b) ignored – basicaly (c) broken – as (d) flouted – virtualy
Ans. (d)
Direciton for q. 80 to 81
80. Part of Autralia is known to the natives as the Qutback.
(a) inverted commas (b) simicolon (c) comma (d) hypen
Ans. (a)
81. I know that you want to learn to drive Rima but you are too young.
(a) inverted commas (b) simicolon (c) comma (d) hypen
Ans. (c)
Directioin for q. 82 – 83
82. Veracious
(a) False (b) Varied (c) Image (d) Truthful
Ans. (d)
83. Perturb
(a) Stipulate (b) Turn around (c) Disturb greatly (d) Compatible
Ans. (c)
Direction for question 84 – 85
84. HE was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.
(a) sympathetically (b) oppressively (c) democratically (d) generously
Ans. (b)
85. I racked my brains to solve this difficult poroblem
(a) I read a large number of books (b) I consulted several people
(c) I used my commonsense (d) I subjected my mind to hard thinking
Ans. (d)
Direction for question 86 – 87

86. I was supposed to give a speech to my englis class, but I got cold feet and I did not go.
(a) My English classroom makes my feet feel too cold.
(b) My feet got cold so I did not go.
(c) I got too nervous and I did not go.
(d) It was wintere time and I had no sacks for my feet.
Ans. (c)
87. Take care of what you say ! You will have to eat your words!
` (a) you have no food to eat (b) you will have to take back what you have said
(c) you are not good with your language (d) None of the above
Ans. (b)
88. Which two sentences convey the same idea?
(a) Should not they have checked you tickets
(b) I wonder if they should have checked you tickests
(c) I want to know if they checked your tickets
(d) They should have checket your tickets
Ans. (b)
Dirction for q. 89 / 90
89. HE was magnanimous and his benevolence made him give to charity.
(a) mena (b) cruel (c) snobbish (d) tyrannical
Ans. (a)
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