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GRE Practice Test Paper | GRE Paper | Graduate Record Examination Practice Test Paper

SECTION 1 Time –30 minutes 38 Questions 1.A computer program can provide information in ways that force students to — learning instead of being merely —- of knowledge. (A) shore up .. reservoirs (B) accede to .. consumers (C) participate in .. recipients (D) compensate for.. custodians (E) profit from .. beneficiaries 2. The form […]


WHAT MASTERS DEGREES ARE OFFERED? The most common masters degrees in the field of health care administration and health care management are: MHA : Master of Health Administration MHA : Master of Health Care Administration / Master of Healthcare Administration MHSA: Master of Health Services Administration MPH: Master of Public Health MBA : Master of […]

List of resources and courses for clinical genetics

# Courses Baylor College of Medicine, Genetics Department # Clinical Genetics: A Self-Study Guide, table of contents, Univ. So Dakota Medical School, Virtual Hospital Version of Guide # Clinical Genetics: A Self Study for Health Care Providers, VP Johnson and C Christianson, University of South Dakota, May 1998, Virtual Hospital # Chemistry of the Cell […]

Basic Steps Towards MS/ PhD at US Universities

GRE & TOEFL: The Standardized Tests GRE : Graduate Record Examination The official website for GRE is TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language The official website for TOEFL is If you are an aspirant who want to pursue his higher education that is Post Graduation /Masters Degree program or PhD […]

A to Z Guide for GRE Exam after MBBS

just wrote GRE (Graduate Record Examination, Conducted by ETS, U.S.) last week. I want to share whatever information I gathered with the future GRE test takers. Basically, I could not find as much info as I wanted when I was preparing for GRE. In addition I realized that people in cities have greater access to […]

Word List for GRE: Words starting with S

sagacious – having sound judgment perceptive wise like a sage salacious – obscene salubrious – healthful salutary – remedial wholesome causing improvement sanctimony – self-righteousness hypocritical with FALSE piety sanction – approval (by authority) penalty sanguine – cheerful confident optimistic sanity – health of mind soundness of judgement sash – long strip worn round the […]

Word List for GRE: Words starting with P-Q

paean – song of praise or triumph palate – roof of the mouth sense of taste palatial – magnificent palliate – lessen the severity of palpability – can be felt touched understood palpitate – tremble beat rapidly and irregularly panegyric – formal praise eulogy paradigm – a model example or pattern parenthesis – sentence within […]

FAQ: How to go about university selection after GRE ?

At some point of time I was contemplating going to the U.S of A through the GRE route. During that period I collected some information which I think will be of some use to people trying for it. Thanx to 2 of my friends in U.S of who had a conf call with me for […]