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I am Piyush Gaur from JIIT Noida. INFOSYS came to our campus on 12th and 13th of March. Three colleges participated namely JIIT Noida, JUIT Waknaghat(Solan) and JIET Guna. No. of students appeared: JIIT – 470 JUIT – 280 JIET – 183 No. of students selected after written test: JIIT – 320 JUIT – 160 […]


This is Parveen Syed. I am Studying Final B.Sc. I am selected in Infosys which was held in Guntur on 11th Jan 2008. Totally 3000 students appeared. Among them 950 cleared the written test among them 300 people were selected for Technical side and the rest for nontechnical. I was selected for Technical side. Among […]


This is SAURABH from BBDNITM, LUCKNOW… I attended Infosys on campus placement test on 19th Feb, 2008 held at SRMCEM, LUCKNOW. Around 700 students attended the test and out of them 62 were finally selected from my college out of 70 who were through APTI and By Gods grace I was one among them. The […]

Infosys- aptiude questions for freshers..must read it!!

21. The Novice hockey tournaments are on for beginners. Just three teams are in the league, and each plays the other two teams just once. Only part of the information appears in the result chart, which is given below. Team Games Won Lost Tied Goals For Goals against A 2 1 0 B 2 1 […]

Infosys -repeated interview questions for freshers on aptitude!!

1. A man starts his walking at 3PM from point A, he walks at the rate of 4km/hr in plains and 3km/hr in hills to reach the point B. During his return journey he walks at the rate of 6km/hr in hills and 4km/hr in plains and reaches the point A at 9PM.What is the […]

Infosys – HR questions part-II

Difficult questions in hr round If you cannot answer a question you might reply with “That’s an interesting question – how would you tackle it?” Fantasy questions These sort of questions can be very difficult to answer. Such questions might include: “What would you do if you won the National Lottery?” You should give the […]

Infosys- Hr questions Part-I

Interview Questions You May Be Asked Before attending an interview you should think about your responses to the following questions. Your answers may depend on the job or company in question, so you should go through your responses just before each interview. Why do you want this job? Think carefully about this question. Stress the […]