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Statistis Syllabus For KPSC Civil Service Prelims Examination | KPSC Gazetted Probationary Officers Examination Statistics Syllabus

STATISTICS 1. PROBABILITY (25 PER CENT WEIGHT) : Classical and axiomatic definitions of probability, simple theroms on probability with examples, conditional probability, statistical independence Bayes’ theorem, Discrete and continuous random variables probability mass function and probability density function, cumulative distributions function, joint marginal and conditional probability distributions of two variables, functions of one and two […]

Commerce Syllabus For KPSC Gazetted Probationary Examination | KPSC Gazetted Probationay Examination Syllabus 2010

COMMERCE Part I : ACCOUNTING Accounting equation – concept and conversions generally accepted accounting principles – capital and revenue expenditures and receipts – preparation of the financial statements including statements of sources and application of funds – Partnership accounts including dissolution and piece meal distribution among the partners ‘accounts of non-profit organization – Preparation of […]