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Statistis Syllabus For KPSC Civil Service Prelims Examination | KPSC Gazetted Probationary Officers Examination Statistics Syllabus

STATISTICS 1. PROBABILITY (25 PER CENT WEIGHT) : Classical and axiomatic definitions of probability, simple theroms on probability with examples, conditional probability, statistical independence Bayes’ theorem, Discrete and continuous random variables probability mass function and probability density function, cumulative distributions function, joint marginal and conditional probability distributions of two variables, functions of one and two […]

KPSC Gazetted Probationers Agriculture Syllabus For Preliminary Examination 2010

KPSC CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION SYLLABUS FOR PRELIMINARY Examination 1. AGRICULTURE Agriculture – its importance in National Economy, Factors determining agroecological zone and geographic distribution of crop plants. Important crops of India, Cultural practiees for cereal, pulses, oilseed, fibre, Sugar and Tuber crops and the scientific basis for these crop rotations. Multiple and relay cropping, Inter […]