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I am RAHUL PATI from SILICON INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Bhubaneshwar. I am from ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS branch. TCS conducted a recruitment drive in our campus on 25-26th March 2008 and recruited 145 students. Now I am a TCS-ian!!! PRE-PLACMENT TALK- On 25th we had a pre-placement talk. The TCS officials gave a presentation and told […]

TCS PAPER- 18 MAR 2008

I am Hardik B Korat, a computer engg. student of BIRLA VISHWAKARMA MAHAVIDHYALAYA, Vallabh Vidhya nagar.. I would like to share my expereince during TCS On-Campus Interview. TCS written test is easy if u concentrate little on it. WRITTEN Test: · Read previous 10 paper and I m sure that u will clear written test…. […]


I am Akhilesh Thakur from KRUPAJAL ENGG COLLEGE, Bhubaneswar. We were having on campus drive of TCS on 17 & 18 march 2008. All together there were 230 students were there, 184 cleared the written test and finally 78 got through the Campus, And I was one of them. All the aptitude questions were repeated […]

TCS – 28 FEB 2008 – KOLKATA

I am PRITHWISH BANERJEE, recently I have been recruited from NIT, Kolkata by TCS. I am pursuing B.TECH with INFORMATION TECHNOLY(IT). Here I want to share my preparation and experience with you all. The entire recruitment process consisted of: i) Initial screening(60% in 10th, 12th and B-Tech)(219 were eligible in this phase) ii) Online Aptitude […]

Aptitude – Questions in 2008 paper

41. Perimeter of the back wheel = 9 feet, front wheel = 7 feet on a certain distance, the front wheel gets 10 revolutions more than the back wheel .What is the distance? Ans: 315 feet. 42. Perimeter of front wheel =30, back wheel = 20. If front wheel revolves 240 times. How many revolutions […]

Placement exams companies like infosys,tcs,cts – aptitude questions

Aptitude Questions 1.One of the following is my secret word:AIM  DUE  MOD  OAT  TIE.With the list in front of you, if I were to tell you any one of my secret word, then you would be able to tell me the number of vowels in my secret word.Which is my secret word? Ans.TIE 2.In the […]

Sample Aptitude problems from R.S.Agarwal part-II.. for freshers

Daal is now being sold at Rs. 20 a kg. During last month its rate was Rs. 16 per kg. By how much percent should a family reduce its consumption so as to keep the expenditure fixed? Ans. 20 %. Find the least value of 3x + 4y if x2y3 = 6. Ans. 10. Can […]

Sample Aptitude problems from R.S.Agarwal

Aptitude Questions and Answers If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=? (a)15 (b)12 (c)18 (d)10 Ans. (b) If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x? (a)12 (b)8 (c)16 (d)6 Ans. (b) Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins. If […]

Aptitude- Important questions for company exams…….freshers must read it Part-III

46. Six swimmers A, B, C, D, E, F compete in a race. The outcome is as follows. i. B does not win. ii. Only two swimmers separate E & D iii. A is behind D & E iv. B is ahead of E , with one swimmer intervening v. F is a head of […]

Aptitude- Important questions for company exams…….freshers must read it Part-I

Aptitude Questions 1.If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=? (a)15 (b)12 (c)18 (d)10 Ans. (b) 2.If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x? (a)12 (b)8 (c)16 (d)6 Ans. (b) 3. (1/10)18 – (1/10)20 = ? (a) 99/1020 (b) 99/10 (c) 0.9 (d) none of these Ans. (a) 4.Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and […]