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Why do you want to enter banking? * You need to talk about Banking – what the interviewer seeks for is a person who is flexible to be along with the given timings, someone who can cope up with writing bits and bobs or a person who can benefit them with more development .Your answer […]

SBI Clerk Recruitment how to apply

while applying SBI clerk exams, many people have doubts,so we are listing some common questions with answers here. Frequently asked questions and their replies 1. Candidates who could not get the printed applicant of form. Printed application form is not required by the Bank. It is not to be deposited. 2. Candidates who have registered […]

SBI clerk 2007 question paper with answers

(General Awareness) 1.Who amongst the following cricketers became the ninth indian to claim 150 or more wickets? (a) A.Kumble (b) A.Agarkar (c) S.Tendulkar (d) Harbhajan Singh (e) None of these 2. Who amongst the following returned to earth after a lomg 195 days stay in space ? (a) Angei Brewer (b) Mike Leinbach (c) Shruti […]

SBI Clerk Computer General Knowledge questions

1) What does that acronym VGA stand for? a) Extended Graphics Adapter b) Enhanced Graphics Array c) Video Graphics Array d) Color Graphics Array 2) ISP stands for a) Internet Service Provider; b) Information Services Provider; c) International Services Program; d) Industrial Services program 3) One KB equals a) 1000 Bytes; b) 1000MB; c) 1024 […]