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Wipro Latest Placement Papers Solved Questions

WIPRO Placement Paper Sample questions the placement held on 5th October 2010 1. When a bicycle is in motion, the force of friction exerted by the ground on the two wheels is such that it acts (a) In the backward direction on the front wheel and in the forward direction on the rear wheel. (b) […]

Wipro Placement Paper Held on 17th Jan 2010 | Wipro Latest Placement Paper | Wipro Placement Paper Pattern

this is Arun, from JNTU College of Engineering, Anantapur. We had campus recruitment drive by WIPRO on 17th June 2010 The selection process consists of three rounds: 1. Written test. 2. Technical Interview 3. HR Written test mainly consists of three sections: There is sectional cutoff so we have to concentrate on the on all […]

Wipro Electronics Technical Interview Sample Questions

1. An electron moving in an electromagnetic field moves in a (a) In a straight path (b) Along the same plane in the direction of its propagation (c) Opposite to the original direction of propagation (d) In a sine wave Ans. (b) 2. The total work done on the particle is equal to the change […]

WIPRO – 19 JAN 2008

WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES came for recruitment process in our college on 19th Jan 2008. The process was to be conducted on three parts i.e. 1-WRITTEN 2-TECHNICAL INTERVIEW and 3-HR INTERVIEW.. Written had three sections:- 1-Verbal 2-Analytical and 3-Technical… There was sectional cutt off but no neg marking. it consist of 50 questions (15 verbl, 15analyst, 20 […]

WIPRO Placement Paper Pattern

Wipro Sample Paper Q1. Two bodies changed from p1v1 to p2v2 state in two ways. The heat supplied is delta Q and work done is delta W Then what is constant in these two processes (a) delta q (b) delta w (c) delta q + delta w (d) delta q – delta w Ans. (d) […]

Wipro logical questions in 2008 for freshers

61.To reduce External Fragmentation the technique used is A.Segmentation B.Compaction C.Fragmentation D.None Ans: B 62.Expand IDEA. A.International Data Encryption Algorithm B.Internal Data Encryption Algorithm C.Inter Data Encryption Algorithm D.Intra Data Encryption Algorithm Ans: A 63. In which topology each computer is directly connected to primary network cable in a single line. A.BUS topology B.STAR topology […]