Concept of learning Python for freshers | Importance of Python

Python is a general purpose, interpreted, interactive, and object oriented scripting language. The language has the strength to be more objective oriented, its free, portable and it’s powerful. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in early 1990.It has been derived from languages including C, C++,Small talk, and unix shell and other scripting languages. Python is copyrighted.The source code is available under general public licence.

Features of Python:

  1. Scalable: A Better structure and support is provided for the large programs which is very user friendly.
  2. Extendable: The language supports for adding low level modules.
  3. Object Oriented: The language is object oriented from ground up with support for advanced notions as well.
  4. Databases: It has all the provisions to connect with all databases.

Python is useful for  :

  1. Systems Programming
  2. Web application Development
  3. GUI and Data Programming
  4. Numeric and Scientific Programming
  5. Throwaway Programs.

The language has very strict rules and don’t have curly braces all over the code. The career in this area is to become a Python developer, Python software engineer by learning the programming skills. The companies who are using python are NASA, Google,   YouTube, Drop box, Survey Monkey, New York Stock Exchange, and Reddit  .

Like Oracle SQL you also get the output of the language. It is used for scientific computing, and Astronomy. We can use python to generate maps and graphs for us. Python is also used in Disney.


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