Installation of Python and Running methods

Python distribution is available on a wide variety of platform. Python is pre installed in LINUX and MAC OC Machines, while intstallers for all of the operating systems are available at windows installer XYZ-.msi file where  xyz is the version where you are going to install.

The python interpreters reads the source program and performs the instructions it contains. The actual process of compiling the source code into a platform independent byte code for speed optimization at first.

  1. Cypothon: The standard python interpreter written as C89 supports embedded C programs in python and vice versa.
  2. Jython and Iron Python : For Integration of python code with java and .net framework respectively.
  3. PyPy: The python interpreter is written in python itself.

Running Python Method 1 :

By using Interactive Interpreter.

Enter python and start coding right away in the interactive interpreter by starting it from the command line.

You can do this from Unix , DOS or any other system, which provides you a command-line interpreter or shell window.

$ Python # Unix/Linux

C :> python # Windows/DOS

Here is the list of all the available command line options:

Options Descriptions
  -d Provide debug output
    -o Generate Optimized Byte code (resulting in pyo files)
      -s Do not run import site to look for python-paths or start up
       -v Verbose output detailed trace on import statement
-x Disable class built in exceptions just use strings obsolete starting within versions 1.6
-ccmd Run python script in as cmd script
file Run python script from the file.


Running Python – Method 2

Script from the Command-line:

A Python script can be executed at command line by invoking the interpreter on your application, as in the following:

$ python # Unix/Linux

C:> python # Windows/DOS

 Be sure the file permission mode allows execution


Running Python – Method 3

  • Integrated Development Environment

You can run Python from a graphical user interface (GUI) environment as well.

Unix: IDLE is the very first Unix IDE for Python.

Windows: PythonWin is the first Windows interface for Python and is an IDE with a GUI. IDLE comes along with Python itself.

Macintosh: The Macintosh version of Python along with the IDLE IDE is available from the main website, downloadable as either Mac Binary or BinHex’d files.

PyDev, a plug-in for Eclipse that turns Eclipse into a full-fledged Python IDE . Both Eclipse and PyDev are cross-platform and open source.

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