Punjab TET Syllabus For Health & Physical Education Subject

Syllabus Health & Physical Education (for PTI Only) 60 Questions
Section A: 55 Questions
(I) Theory: 20 Questions
Personal hygiene
Cleanliness (Home, Neighborhood and School)
Safety Education (Home, Road and Play Grounds)
National Flag (History, Structure, Color, Shape & Size, Occasions of flag ceremony and precautions)
National anthem (meaning, importance and precautions)
Human Body (Introduction, injuries and bleeding)
Uses of exercise and physical ability
Skeleton and deformities
Fatigue, rest, sleep, relaxation
Importance of sports (Individual and national)
Scouting and guiding (brief history, importance, rules, oath, pledge, principles, salute)
Nutrition and balanced food (functions, components, food material and their properties, milk a complete food, methods and principles of cooking)
Yoga and exercise
Sports management in schools (Sports activities, competitions and their importance, organizing school tournaments for inter class, zonal, district level, state level and national level)
First Aid (characteristics of a First aider, rules, treatment for: poisonous animal bite, burning, sun stroke, shock, drowned and artificial respiration)
Discipline and sports
(II) Games 20 Questions
Fundaments, rules and regulations, Principles, offences and defences for the
following games: (Football, Hockey, Hand Ball, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Kabbadi,
wrestling, cricket, Boxing, Swimming, Kho Kho, Soft Ball, Gymnastic, folk Dances)
(III) Athletics 15 Questions
Rules and regulation about the events and the equipments for:
Section B: 5 questions
Pedagogical issues

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