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A great performance in the written test has helped you get past it. Now is the time to prepare for the next big stage in the rigorous B-School selection process: Group Discussions and Interviews. To do exceptionally well in GDs and Interviews, you will have to beat every one of your competitors at their own game.

So what is that that the IIMs and other top B-Schools look for in aspirants? Well, to begin with, they look for individuals with an aptitude to learn, have an insatiable zest for knowledge, are gifted with clear and rational thinking, have the capacity to put in long hours to succeed, and possess an ability to understand and articulate with clarity.

As locating, identifying, gathering, and sorting material of relevance is a difficult and time consuming job, we will do all this for you through GDPI Briefcase.

In GDPI Briefcase, you will find the following features:

1.Student GDPI Experiences for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010(feedback) at various B-Schools, with a separate folder for each B-School.

Student GDPI Experiences for the current year, again arranged in folders school-wise (of those candidates who have taken GDs interviews).

3.Post your GDPI Experience. Here, you can post your GD and Interview experience in a easy-to-fill in doc format.

4.Interview Questions on Academic Subjects, asked in past interviews.

5.Important GK Issues in a Nutshell, aimed at helping you ‘capture’ such issues in a easy-to-understand manner.

6.Learning Corner: A diary of recommended readings. Here, you will find links to best articles on the Web, each with a commentary and arranged into 4 separate folders – General Awareness, Politics, Economy, and Miscellaneous, with several sub-folders.

Articles from MBA Education and Careers on international and national issues, economics, management education, and much more.

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