1. valarmathi says:

    i want a model question paper for tnpsc group 2 exam

  2. rizhwana says:

    greetings,i want tnpsc question papers

  3. rizhwana says:

    i am in need of tnpsc gr-2 questions

  4. suresh says:

    i want last five year group2 exam question paper

  5. J.S.CHANDRAN says:

    I need past five year question and answer papers including tamil(group2)please send my email id.

  6. tamilgk.com says:

    TNPSC, UPSC ExamStudy Materials in One CD

    CD Content

    1. Question Papers (Models) (Tamil)
    2.6th to 12th all Subject Books (74 books) Tamil
    3. 10th to 12th all Subject Models Question’s (Tamil)
    4. Up to 2009 GK’s
    5. Current Affairs 2009, 2010 (40) Tamil
    6. Abbreviations
    7. Geographical Sobriquets (Tamil)
    8. Ancient India (Tamil)
    9. History Year chat
    10. Human Parts of Body
    11. Indian Constitution
    12. Sports
    13. Quotation and Quoted By
    14. UPSC Current Affairs 09-2010
    15. Award 2009-2010
    16. Maps
    17. National Current Affairs 2009-2010
    18. INDIAN Space Program
    19. General Knowledge Questions- 2009-2010
    20. Current information-2009-2010.
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  7. K. Hima kumari says:


    I want your notes my contact no 9677840689

  8. samu says:

    i need previous question paper for gr1 and gr2

  9. sumi says:

    i need previous question papers for group one exam(last 5 years)

  10. Sathiyaraj M says:

    I need Last 5 Year question papers for TNPSC Group-I, Kindly Send it through my mail.

    Thank you Sir.

  11. Don says:

    Kindly send me last 5 years tnpsc group 2 question papers with answers

  12. pasupathi.R says:

    i need information about tnpsc group1 exam and study materials , old question papers ,question patteren

  13. kani says:

    plz send me last 5 years tnpsc group-2 question papers with answers.

  14. M. Parveen Banu says:

    Please send my tnpsc group 2 result to my mail id.. my register no is 01059014

  15. Mahalakshmi says:

    Please send me previous year question paper for scientific assistant grade 2 post in TNPSC( MICROBIOLOGY)

  16. senthil says:

    I am need model question paper group-2

  17. s. porkodi says:

    Dear Sir,Madam,

    i want tnpsc exam question paper tamil pls send for me sir.

  18. SATHIYARAJ J says:

    i need vao question model papers

  19. GURURAJ says:

    i want materials on post of tnpsc child development officer

  20. gayathri says:

    please send recent tnpsc vao model qustion and ans paper

  21. gayathri says:

    please send recent last five years vao model quswith ans

  22. gayathri says:

    please send recent tnpsc ques with ans to mail id

  23. gayathri says:

    plz send me recent model tnpsc qus paper with ans to my mail id

  24. janaki says:

    i want tnpsc civil engineering model question & answers

  25. aishwarya says:

    i want tnpsc group1 and group2 question papers

  26. ASHOKDEENA says:


  27. komathi says:

    i need tnpsc 2nd questions and answers in tamil for past five years.thankyou

  28. Anita. S says:

    TNPSC Child Development officer Question and Answer book or material need. plz contact if available through email.

  29. sankar says:

    i want all tnpsc question papers with answers in tamil medium thanking you sir

  30. bala says:

    i want to last 3 year question and answer in diplamo in bhel

  31. kavitha. says:

    i want vao importan question &answer please.

  32. valarmathy says:

    i want tnpsc model question papers.

  33. srimathi says:

    can i know how to buy tnpsc group 1&group2 materials

  34. anand says says:

    i want notes for group 2 exam & question papers

  35. K.SARAVANAN says:

    I need TNPSC group 2 model question paper past 5 years.
    Thank You,

  36. sabari says:

    i want group1 question and answer

  37. sabarinathan says:

    i want group1 question

  38. nivethana says:

    pls, send group2 previous question papers

  39. renganathan says:

    hi i want tnpsc group1 and group2 question paper with answers….

  40. Pon Ramar says:

    TNPSC Group 1,2,4 last 10 years question paper give me

  41. m.suganya says:

    TNPSC Group 1,2 last 5 years question papers with answers

  42. m.suganya says:

    TNPSC Group1 Question papers with answers

  43. kabil says:

    TNPSC – STUDY MATERIALS FREE DOWNLOADS – http://www.tamilgk.com

    Respected sir, Madam

    Previous years TNPSC group 1, 2 question and answer paper
    and Tamil Gk Audios (MP3) FREE DOWNLOADS available From

    Visit Our web site – http://www.tamilgk.com

    THANK ‘U’

    Kabil raja.M
    Ph: 9842346894
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  44. pradeep kumar says:

    please give me clear picture about tnpsc group II, i have exam in july 03 – 2011, give me suggestion to pass this exam. and give me last 5 years questions with answers….

  45. s.balamurugan says:

    i need tnpsc question papers to prepare for the exams so please send last ten years papers(group 1,2,3 and 4) to my e-mail id pls………..

  46. priya says:

    i want previous year solved question paper for tnpsc group1 prelims as wel as mains..
    please mail me to skokilapriya@gmail.com

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