TNPSC Group I Preliminary Exam 2011 Paper With Answers

Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer
using the codes given below:
List I List II
a)Salt Satyagraha 1)Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy
b)Protest against Devadasi system 2)N. Somayajulu
c)Neil Statue Satyagraha 3)Kasthuri Ranaga Iyengar
d)The Hindu

A) a-4, b-1, c-3, d-2 B) a-4, b-1, c-2, d-3
C) a-1, b-3, c-2, d-4 D) a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1

During 1857 Mutiny, Neil was killed in combat at Lucknow in Sept. 1857. The British rulers erected a statue of him on arterial Mount Road in Madras in 1860. During a visit to Madras in Sept. 1927, Mahatma Gandhi “lent his support” to the demand for removal of the statue but with a condition that the agitators strictly adhere to the principles of ‘Satyagraha’. In 1937 Rajaji-led Congress Ministry then, the Madras Corporation through a resolution ordered the removal of Neil’s statue and placed it in the Madras Museum.

2. National Remote Sensing Centre is located at
A) Hyderabad B) Chennai C) Bengalore D) New Delhi

3. Which one of the Assembly by-elections saw the highest voter turnout 2010 in Tamilnadu?
A) Thirumangalam B) Tirupatthur
C) Penagaram D) Ponneri

March 27, 2010-PENNAGARAM-84.95 per cent. Jan 9, 2009. THIRUMANGALAM – 88.89. Question asked about 2010 bye election.

4. The world Classical Tamil Conference held on July 2010 is
A) Sixth World Tamil Conference
B) Seventh World Tamil Conference
C) Ninth World Tamil Conference
D) Tenth World Tamil Conference

5.Which Article of the Constitution of India gives provision to set up village panchayats?
A) Article 15 B) Article 25
C) Article 243 D) Article 42
Besides Article.40, Panchayatraj finds mention in Article 243.

6.Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
A) Surjit Singh Barnala – Chancellor of Universities of Tamil Nadu
B) Fakruddin Ali Ahmed – Former President of India
C) APJ Abdul kalam – Wings of fire
D) Medha Patkar – Indian representative in the UNO

Madha Patkar – Indian social activist. She is known for her role inNarmada Bachao Andolan.

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