TNPSC VAO Exam Model Question Paper 2011

TNPSC VAO Exam Model Question Paper

1.Azad Hind Fauj was
A) Indian National Army
B) British National Army
C) Pakistan National Army
D) French National Army
Explanation – INA was formed in 1942 in South East Asia. Motto
unity, Faith and sacrifice in Hindustani.
Bose formed the “Azad Hind Government”. In 21st October 1943. INA freed the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were renamed as Swaraj and Shaheed islands

2.Planning Commission of India was set up in the year
A) 1950 B) 1949 C) 1951 D) 1952
Explanation –
Planning Commission, Extra constitutional, Nonstatutory
and Advisory body. By an executive order in
15th March 1945. First Deputy Chairman, Gulzari Lal
Nanda & T.T. Krishnamachari

3.The State Governor must have completed…….years of age
A) 30 B) 35 C) 40 D) 45

Governor, President = 35 years
Chief Minister = 25
Prime Minister = 25
MLA = 25
Member in Lok Sabha = 25
Rajya Sabha member = 3

4) x2+10x+21=0 The solution set of x+10x+21 = 0 is
A) {7,3} B) {7, -3} C) {-7, 3} D) {-7, -3}
Short Cut:
x2+10x+21 = 0 this quadratic equation does not contain
any negative term, so the roots must be negative so
answer is {-7, -3}.
With Explanation –
x2+10x+21 = 0
x2+7x+3x+21 = 0
x(x+7)+3(x+3) = 0
(x+3) (x+7) = 0
x+3 = 0 (or) x+7 = 0
x = -3 (or) -7

5.The Election Commission of India is a body of……..members.
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Explanation –
1 Chief Election Commissioner and 2 other Election
Recommended by Dinesh Goswami Committee, 1990

6) The Pandiyan king who put an end of the Kalabhra rule is
A) Kadungon B) Simhavishnu
C) Maravarman D) Achuthan
Explanation –

7)‘Narai mudithu sollal murai seidha cholan” is
A) Kulothungan B) Rajendran
C) Karikalan D) Vijayalayan

8)The plan launched on the fiftieth year of Independence was
A) Third Five-Year Plan B) Eighth Five-Year Plan
C) Tenth Five-Year Plan D) Ninth Five-Year Plan

9) The north-eastern parts of Himalayas receive more than 300 cm rainfall by
A) Bay of Bengal branchB) Arabian sea branch
C) Gulf of Khambhat branch D) Konkan branch
Explanation –
Bay of Bengal branch: Kerala upto Punjab thru Aravallis
Arabian sea branch: Andaman & Nicobar, NE states
upto Punjab Plains

10)The name of scales in Mullet fish is
A) Placoid B) Cycloid C) Ctenoid D) Ganoid
Explanation –
Placoid: for sharks
Ctenoid: Comb like scales
Ganoid: Scales with shiny covering

11)Who was praised as “Minnanar Vanangum Deivam”?
A) Wife of Kusela B) Ananganar
C) Wife of Krishna D) Anusuya
Source : School Book

12)The construction of Qutb-Minar was started by
A) Iltutmish B) Qutb-ub-din-Aibak
C) Razia D) Balban Explanation –
Iltumish: ; Completed by Iltumish

13) In Tamil Nadu there is a……..tier system of Rural local government
A) one B) two C) three D) four
Village Panchayat, Panchayat union, Dist Panchayat

14) Tamil Nadu is……… geographical area among the states of the Indian union
A) Eleventh B) Second
C) Third D) Seventh
Explanation :
Population: 6th; Population Density: 6th

15)According to 2001 Census, India’s population was
A) 1.027 billion B) 1.037 billion
C) 1.047 billion D) 1.057 billion
(Or) 1027 Crores.

16) The stepping stone for the progress of the society is
A) School B) College C) University D) Office

17)Simple interest for Rs.5,000 at the rate of 5% for 2 years is
A) Rs. 250 B) Rs. 500 C) Rs.750 D) Rs. 800
Explanation –
S.I =100
Pnr, P = 5000, n = 2, r = 5%
S.I = 500

18) The ultraviolet rays from the sunlight causes
A) skin cancer B) blood cancer
C) lung cancer D) bone cancer
Explanation :
Reason: Ozone depletion leads to skin cancer &

19) Which is not a simple fruit?
A) Polyalthia B) Berry C) Pepo D) Drupe
Explanation –
Polyalthia: Aggregate
Berry: Tomato
Pepo: Cucumber
Drupe: Mango

20) One a.m.u is equal to
A) 139 Mev B) 391 Mev
C) 931 Mev D) 936 Mev
Explanation –
Energy obtained in disintegration of 1 atom (or 1 atomic mass unit)

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