TNPSC VAO Model Paper

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) Village Administrative Officer (VAO) Question Paper 2007.

1. If a:b = 5:9 and b:c=4:7. find a:b:c.
A) 5:9:7 B) 20:36:63
C) 10:18: 14 D) 20:81 :63.
2. The perpendicular drawn from the centre of a circle divides the chord into ………… equal parts.
A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) none of these.

2.ln a cyclic quadrllateral, the angle opposite to 70o is equal to
Al 20o B) 110o
C) 30o D) 120o

3. Which term of the A.P. is 420 in 21, 42, 63, ?
x) 21st B) 20th
2) 42nd D) 40th

4 Of the fractions. which one is greatest ?
A) 2/5 B) 3/7 c) 4/11 d)3/8
c) iii D) 2 . )

5 The potnt( 1, 1 ) lies on the straight line 2x + ky + 1 = O. The value of k is
A) 3 B) – 3 .
c) 2 D) — 2.

6. The point which dtvides the line segment joining the points (— 1. 2 ) and ( 4, – 5) intemally tn the ratio 2 : 3 is
A) (-1,4) B) (2,-5)
c) (1, -4/5) d) (4/5, -1)

7. Since 1950, ’h·ee Planting Ceremonies or ‘Vanamahotsav have been celebrated during ………… months of every year.
A) July — August B) May – June
C) March – June D) September – October.

8. Wheat granary of India is
A) Tamil Nadu B) Punjab
C) Rajasthan D) West Bengal.

09. The first Summit of SAARC was held at
A) Kathmandu B) Colombo
C) New Delhi D) Dhaka.

10. Next to Hindi. the biggest linguistic unit in India ls
A) Bengal! B) Urdu
C) Telugu D) Marathi.

11. The National Game of India is
Al Kabaddl B) Hockey
C) Cricket D) Football.

22. In Tamil Nadu. the district which was formed last ts
A) Nilgiris B) Krishnagiri
C) Villupuram D) Tluruvarur.

13. The capital of Assam is
A) Shillong B) Imphal
C) Guwahatt D) Dlspur.

14. Match List I correctly with List H and select your answer using the codes given below :
List I List 11
a) Individual Satyagraha 1. 1927
b) Simon Commission 2. 1942
c) The Crtpps Mission 3. 1940
d) Civil Disobedience Movement 4. 1930.
Codes :
a b c d
A) 3 1 2 4 1
B) 2 3 4 1
C) l 3 4 2
D) 4 2 3 1.

15. The Rowlatt Act was passed during the vice-royalty of
A) Minto B) Chelmsford
C) Hardmge II D) None of them.

16. Name the Prime Minister of England who sent the Cabinet Mission to lndia in
A) Churchill B) Attlee
C) Mountbatten D) None of them.

17. Who among the following was not an extremist ?
A) Bal Gangsdhar Tilak B) Aurobmdo Ghosh
C) V. O. Chldambaram Pillai D) Surendra Nath Banerjee.

18. A suitable definition of Democracy was given by
A) Washington B) Abraham Lincoln
C) Kennedy D) Woodrow Wilson.

19. The chlef of the Naval staff is called
A) Commander B) Major
C) Admiral D) _ Air Chief Marshall.

20. Kalpana Chawla was associated with
A) Economics B) Astronaut
C) Science D) Atomic research.

21. Multiparty system is in vogue at
A) England B) U.S.A.
C) lndla D) Australia.

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