TOEFL Sample Questions : Structure and Written-Infinitive

# From the inception of his long and distinguished career, Frank Lloyd Wright was concerned with how __________ architecture with topography.

1. integrating
2. to integrate
3. did he integrate
4. integrated

Answer: B
# Legendary home of the Nabateans, Petra is known ________ housed more than 15,000 residents at one time.

1. to have
2. to be
3. is
4. which

Answer: A
# Unless an observer knows ________ an eclipse properly, severe retinal and cornea damage can result.

1. to observing
2. how observing
3. how to observe
4. to have observed

Answer: C
# Sibling confrontations containing the seeds of unrequited hostility can serve ________ familial difficulties lasting for years.

1. the creation of
2. to create
3. creating
4. that creates

Answer: B
# Judging from the blurry image of his right leg in many of his “seated” photographs, Abraham Lincoln is thought ________ from Marfon’s Disease.

1. to suffer
2. to be suffering
3. to have suffered
4. to have been suffered

Answer: C
# The most important function of the Department of Agriculture is __________ for providing a sufficient and wholesome supply of food for the nation’s people.

1. when supplying the means
2. to supply the means
3. to have supplied the means
4. that to supply the means

Answer: B
# Knowing __________ the alarm for an impending earthquake is a crucial problem confronting seismologists.

1. when to sound
2. to have sounded
3. that to sound
4. to sound that

Answer: A
# The Asiatic wild ass, otherwise known as the “onager,” is famed for knowing __________ fast.

1. running
2. to run
3. how to run
4. how to have run

Answer: C
# Lafon’s reagent, a solution of ammonium or sodium selenite, finds use as a test __________ codeine.

1. detection
2. to detect
3. to have detected
4. to detectable

Answer: B
# Thomas Edison is generally considered _________ one of the most productive of all inventors.

1. to be
2. to have been
3. being
4. who was Answers: B

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