CSIR NET Dec 2010 Lifesciences Paper-I Solved Questions

CSIR UGC Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship (NET) Life Science Paper I held held on 19th december 2010

Solved CSIR NET DEC 2010 Lifesciences Paper-I will be available on our website on 21 Dec 2010.

CSIR NET Lifesciences Paper-I Sample Questions

1. A group of 425 people are registered serially starting from 1086. If we make pairs of one even and one odd numbered candidates based on their registration numbers
1. At least 3 people will be left out
2. At odd numbered person will be left out
3. An even numbered person will be left out
4. None of them will be left out
2. If the mass of an object on the moon is 60 Kg, its mass on the earth will be
1. 60 Kg 2. More than 60 Kg
3. Less than 60 Kg 4. 93 Kg
3. The third largest constituent of our atmosphere is
1. Water vapors 2. Argon
3. Carbon monoxide 4. Methane
4. Moon’s surface shows far more craters than the earth’s surface because
1. of an optical illusion
2. Moon was bombarded more heavily
3. of different volcanic mechanisms
4. of absence of weathering and erosion on the moon
5. When we walk on a slope we tend to bend
1. To raise our centre of gravity
2. To lower our centre of gravity
3. To reduce the frictional force
4. To increase our frictional force
6. The work done by a radial force of 10 N acting on a particle of mass 2 Kg moving in a circular orbit of radius 1 meter is
1. 10 joule 2. 20 joule
3. 5 joule 4. Zero
7. When a particle of charge q is at rest, its produces
1. Only electric field
2. Only magnetic field
3. Both electric and magnetic field
4. A magnetic field depending upon the sign of the
8. A person standing on the top of a hill fires a gun. The echo of the gun comes back from a nearby hill in 3 seconds. What is the distance between the hills (Velocity of sound in air is 340 m/s)
1. 1020 m 2. 510 m
3. 205 m 4. 430 m

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