UGC NET June 2011 Paper III Structure

To be Implemented from JUNE 2010 UGC-NET

SECTION I: Essay writing – two questions with internal choice on general themes and
contemporery, theoretical or of disciplinary- relevance may be given. The candidate is expected to write up to 500 words tor each question ot 20 marks (2 Q X 20 M = 40 Marks). in case the questions are based on electives. the choices should have questions from each elective otherwise all choices should be of general nature. common to all candidates. In case ot science subjects like Computer Science and Applications, Enuirorimerital Sciences, Electronic Science etc. two questions mrrying 20 marltsleach may D9 given in place nl essay type questions. The questions in this section should be numbered as 1 and 2

SECTION- II:Three extended answer based questions to test the analytical ability ot thc candidate are to be asked on the major specializations/Electives. Questions will be asked on all major specializations/Electives the candidates may be asked to choose one specializations/Electives and answer tho three questions. There is to be no lntemel choice. Each question will oc answered in up to 300 marks and shall carry 15 marks each (3 Q x is M = 45 Marks). whore there is no Specialiazation/elective, 3 questions may be set across the syllabus. The questions in lhis seuion should he numbered from 3 to 5.

Nine questions may be asked across the syllabus. The questions wiU be deinitional or seeking particular information and are Io be answerd in up to 50 words each. For science subjects as mentioned in Suction-l, short numerical/computational problems may be considered. Each question wil carry 10 marks (9 Q X 10 M = 90 Marks}. There should oe no internal choice The questions in this section should be numbered from 6 to 14.

SECTiON IV: lt requires the candidates to answer questions lrorn a given text ol around
200 – 300 words taken Irom the works of a known thlrilterrauthor. Five carelulty considered spcoilic questions are to be asked on the given less requiring an answer in up to 30 words each. This section sarees 5 questions ot 5 marks each (5 Q X 5 M = 25 Marks). In the case of science scbjects, a Theoretical/numerical problem may be sel These questions arc meant to lest critical thinking, aoillty to comprehend and apply iinowlsclge one oossesses. Questions in this section should be numbered as I5 to I9

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    i want to know my result of net june 2010 but i am unable to find plz help me in finding the detail of my marks as i disqualify the exam . my roll number is 27050059 subject sociology

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