The details of the candidates who had completed First Year Higher Secondary course during 2008-2009, appeared for the first year higher secondary examination, March/August- 2009 but not completed the Second year course during the academic year 2009-2010 and obtained Re-admission in the same school/another school, are required to be registered through the dhse portal. Only those re-admitted candidates whose details are registered through the portal on or before 31.10.2010 shall be included in the list of candidates eligible for examination registration. Mode of registration
1. Open www.dhsekerala.gov.in
2. Login with school code and password
3. go to the link – ‘upload’ and click on ‘Re-Admission II year’
4. A page titled ‘Re Admission of candidates’ will be displayed
5. Enter the First Year Register number of the re-admitted student at the place provided and press – Tab key.(Correctness of the Register Number should be ensured)
6. The details of the candidate will be displayed. Verify and click on the Save button at the end of the page. The details will be saved to the data base of the school
7. Go to the link ‘Report’ and click on ‘Re Admitted candidates’.
8. On opening the ‘Re Admitted candidates’ page the ‘the re-admitted candidate’ can be seen.

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