NMAT Syllabus and Pattern

here should be no change in the pattern in compare to previous year NMAT papers. So let’s look at the previous year (2006 ) pattern :
NMAT 2006:

Total Questions: 200

Time: 150 Min

Marks: +1 for each question

Negative: -0.25 for each wrong answer

Type: Multiple choice | Single answer type


Total Questions: 40

RC : 16

Passage: 3
First passage contained 6 question and was related to Physics, so questions were direct and easy and passage length was about 800 words.

·Second passage was on Music and again 6 question from which 4 were easy to answer.

· Third was short passage and on environment and pollution and 3 questions were there based on it.

Other 24 questions were fill in the blanks, Synonyms, Antonyms,Sentence correction, Idioms , Jumble words etc. So you should have scored 75 % of the questions right and you are through.


There were questions based on strong and weak arguments, Probably true/ definitely true, conclusion / inference based on passage,   Input / Output , reasoning questions based on graphs, coding –decoding , series, family tree, multi dimensional arrangements, puzzles etc. Out of the 40 questions in this section only 20 questions were of difficult in nature. A score of 20 is a good score in this section.

Quantitative :

There were 40 questions in total. 30 questions were based on Number system, percentages, ratio, profit and loss, simple interest / compound interest, Mixtures, averages, 2D and 3 D geometry , time and work etc. 10 questions were based on  permutation and combination, sets, log, and physics based question.  In total 15 questions were easy , 15 questions were of moderate difficulty level and 10 questions were difficult. A good score would be 20 marks in 35 minutes

DI and DS : There were 40 questions in total with 26 questions on DI and 14 questions on DS.  In DI questions were based on Line graph, bar graph,  tables and Pie chart.  DS questions were based on 3 sentence types and 2 sentence types and there were 3 questions on Data redundancy too.  There were 15 easy question , 15 question of moderate difficulty level and 10 difficult questions in this section.  A score of 19  in 30 minutes was a good score in this section.

General Awareness:

There were 40 questions on GA . Questions were based on advertisements, International organizations, sports, awards, books and author, Budget and finance policy, constitution, financial institutions, etc. No separate preparation was required to attempt this section.  Most of the questions were easy and a good score in this section would be 28 in 25 minutes.

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    Iam appeared in XAT 2012 but i secured 9.12 percentile whether iam eligible for TAPMI

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