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The most recurrent question that lingers in the mind of a Tech graduate or someone pursuing technical education eyeing a job in the core industry is “which is the best VLSI training institute?”.

If you have spent countless hours researching on the Internet and going round and round without a definitive answer, this might just answer all your queries. With every second training center claiming to provide you 100% placement and beating their own drums about “we are the best VLSI training institute”, it surely gets difficult to pick the most genuine of the lot. From my personal experience, I wanted to share something that might help you to make a decision.

When it comes to VLSI training institutes, one of the most preferred names is SumedhaIT. Founded by an experienced group of teachers, SumedhaIT has set a benchmark when it comes to imparting skill based education to students while adapting to the rapidly changing industry requirements. The professional standard in SumedhaIT outshines its competitors when it comes to teaching methodologies and frameworks.

Salient features of SumedhaIT:

Apart from understanding and adapting to the need of their students, SumedhaIT has some jaw-dropping features that are bound to hold you in a spell. Here are four features that makes SumedhaIT stand out in the crowd.

Qualified Trainers:
Spearheaded by industry professionals with experiences spanning decades, SumedhaIT has an army of experienced teachers who know how exactly the core industries function. They won’t just have you read through the pages, but will impart knowledge on how to work in the Tech industry, how you need to start a project and finish it.

This realistic, career-driven approach is very rare to find in most training institutes and SumedhaIT has heaps of it.

Good Placement record:

Most institutes claim to have 100% placement record, but how much of that is true? All you need to do is research through the employment data and you’ll have your answer. While most institutes demonstrate placement records in a single industry, Sumedha IT helps you to grab multiple opportunities. You learn the skills needed to crack an interview, because at the end it all jots down to your skills (no company hires based on your institute’s record).

Practical Knowledge:

Most of the institutes do not teach VLSI and embedded systems. Even if they teach, the curriculum doesn’t meet the required standards. Not that the requirements of the curriculum are tough, but it just needs a bit of additional skill based trained to hone your practical knowledge.

At Sumedha IT, the trainers strive to provide every student with hands-on practical training to build a sound knowledge of Design and how you as a student can use this knowledge to implement the best practices per industry standard. You will be a part of extended lab sessions and handle developmental tools. If you are looking for a stable career, Sumedha IT is definitely the place for you.

Post Training:
Most institutes forget about you once you have completed the training. They would arrange or help you out with relevant offers for a month or two. VLSI companies, unlike IT companies, hire only when they have openings.

SumedhaIT stays by your side to help you get training and project assistance as long as you want. Now, isn’t that the sweetest deal ever?

Based on the aforementioned points, firmly believe that SumedhaIT is one of the best VLSI and embedded systems training institutes in the fraternity of training institutes. So, why waste time?

Contact SumedhaIT and secure your future.

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