VITEEE 2011 Sample Question Paper

PART – I – Physics

1) A Parallel-plate capacitor of plate area 0.2m2 and plate spacing 1 cm is charges to 1000V and is then disconnected from the battery. How much work is required if the plates are pulled apart to double the plate spacing? (e0 =8.9×10-12 C2/ N.m2)
A) 8.9×10-5 J B) 4.8×10-7 J C) 5.9×10-8 J D) 9.5×10-8 J

2) An AC generator consists of eight turns of wire, each having area A-0.009m2, with a total resistance of 12. Th e loop rotates in a magnetic fi eld of 0.5T at a constant freqency of 60Hz. Th e maximum induced emf is
A) 134V B) 127V C) 136V D) 143V

3) A uniform cylindrical coil in vacuum has r1 = 1m, l1 =1m and 100 turns, coaxial and at the centre of this coil is a smaller coil of r2 =10cm, l2 =10cm and 10 turns. Th e mutual inductance of the two coils are
A) 25.2 B) 39.5 C) 44.2 D) 33.2

4) Th e mutual induction between two coils when a current of 2A changes to 6A in 2 second and induces an emf of 20mV in a secondary coil is
A) 1mH B) 2mH C) 10mH D) 20mH

5) When a hydrogen atom makes a transition from n=3 to n=2 state the wavelength emitted for the fi rst Balmer line is
A) 658nm B) 840nm C) 706nm D) 690nm

6) Energy gap of a certain p-n junction is found to be 3eV. What is the wavelength of light emitted by this LED when
connected to a battery? (Planck’s constant, h=4.14×10-15eV and speed of light in vacuum, c=3×108 m/s)

A) 828nm B) 414nm C) 207nm D) 1242nm

7) An infi nitely long solenoid of radius 2cm is uniformly wound with 1mm diameter copper wire in a single layer. If the current carried by the wire is 0.5A, the magnetic fi eld along the axis is approximately.
A) 500 T B) 6×10-7T C) 6×10-4T D) 1 T

8) An electron with energy E0 has a wavelength . If the energy is doubled to 2E0, the wavelength will be
A) 2λo B) √2λo C) λo / √2 D) λo / 2

9) A screen is separated from a double slit source by 1.20m. Th e distance between the two slits is 0.030mm. Th e second order bright fringe (m=2) is measured to be 4.5cm from the centerline. Th e wavelength of the light
A) 593nm B) 690nm C) 563nm D) 840nm

10) Consider an electron of kinetic energy E and a photon of the same energy. Let the de Broglie wavelength of the electron be λelectron and the wavelength of the photon be λphoton Then the ratio λelectron / λphoton is proportional to
A) E-2 B) E2 C) E-1/2 D) E1/2

PART – II – Chemistry
1) A Compound formed by element A and B, crystallizes in the cubic structure. When atoms of A are at the corners of the
cube and B atoms are at the face centres, the formula of the compound is

PART – III – Mathematics

PART – IV – Biology

1) Regulation of gene expression is controlled by the binding of enhancer/repressor to
A) Promoter B) Prinbnow box C) TATA box D) Operator
2) Type of chloroplast seen in Oedogonium
A) Reticulate B) Spiral C) Stellate D) Cup shaped
3) Which of the following feature cannot diff erentiate between chordates and non-chordates?
A) Notochord B) Dorsal nerve cord
C) Pharyngeal gill slits D) Body cavity or coelom
4) Source of energy for Urey-Miller experiment was
A) glycine B) UV C) Electric spark D) ATP
5) Which malarial parasite has the longest incubation period?
A) Plasmodium ovale B) Plasmodium falciparum
C) Plasmodium vivax D) Plasmodium malariae
6) Genes present in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells are found in
A) Mitochondrial & inherited via egg cytoplasm
B) Lysosomes and peroxisomes
C) Golgi bodies and smooth endoplasmic reticulum
D) Plastids and inherited via male gametes
7) Mitochondrial DNA is present in
A) cytoplasm B) matrix C) inner membrane D) cristae
8) Pasteurization of milk in LTLT method is
A) 72o C for 15 sec B) 36o C for 30 min C) 63o C for 30 min D) 89o C for 1 sec
9) If MG2+ ions are absent in plants, what will be the primary symptom?
A) the leaves degenerates B) the leaf colour disappears
C) the leaf veins degenerates D) the leaves roles inside
10) Which of the following is the most common property of cancer & HIV?
A) uncontrolled cell proliferation B) contagious
C) can be acquired by any age group D) escaping of detection by immune system

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